Located 40 km from Jaco, head to the south from Esterillos and you will get to Parrita. This is a great place; the beach has black sand. Like the rest of the surrounding area the beach has a break just to the south of the village in Palo Seco Beach. Follow the sign to the south of Parrita towards the beach. You won’t find large groups of surfers here. If you did you can drive your car along the beach until you find a break for yourself. The breakas are the best at high tide.  Parrita has 4 787,79 square feet kilometers of extension, 42 of them are areas of beaches and exuberant forests. Parrita is no longer a place just to pass by before you get to Jacó or Manuel Antonio. It’s now a great destiny for the beach, sun, ecotourism, and extreme sports lovers. There are perfect waves for the surfers, swinging bridges in the middle of the forests, clear water rivers and waterfalls, and a mangrove marsh full of different species of animals. There are also the best landscapes for horse back riding and mountain biking. It has a population of 13 000 people approximately and the weather is summer-warm most of the year. It’s is also a city dedicated to the agriculture business: It’s easy to observe the crops of pineapple, rice, banana, watermelon and the palm (considered a very important product in the area). Parrita is only 15 minutes away from Jacó and Manuel Antonio, and is called the Ecuador of the Pacific. There is a unique show, the National mule festival, where there are mule pair competitions. It was declared of tourist interest by the Costa Rica Tourism Institute. The mules compete in the “mulódromo” or dome, built with bamboo sticks. This fun festival is celebrated every year at the end of January.


Bank National Ph + (506) 2779-9111/ 2779-9065 / 2779-8283, fax (506) 2779-9059. Located contiguous to the supermarket Palí. Schedule of Monday to Friday of 08:30 a.m at 03:45 p.m, with automatic cashier and currency change.

Bank Costa Rica Ph + (506) 2779-9085, fax (506) 2779-9007. Located in front of Bomba Shell of “La Julieta”. Schedule: Monday to Friday of 09:00 a.m to 04:00 p.m, with automatic cashier and currency change.


Have 2 gas stations, Internet, post office, and if you left your keys inside accidently, you can count on Ferretería Remar Ph + (506) 2779-9119, Cellular (506) 8815-8227 and they will kindly help you for a cost of 4 US$. There is a restaurant and sodas.