Where to Sleep & Eat in San Gerardo de Rivas?

Where to Sleep & Eat in San Gerardo de Rivas?

Hotel and Restaurant Roca Dura Ph + (506) 2742-5071. E-mail: hotelrocadura@hotmail.com https://www.facebook.com/RocaDuraHotel/ Tent 5 US$, rooms 9 US$ per person. Located in the center of the village. The camp site has bathrooms with hot water. With space for 25 tents. There are 8 rooms with a single bed and shared bathrooms with hot water for 9 US$ per person and two rooms with private bathrooms and hot water 20 US$ for 2 people. There is a bar restaurant and parking.  

Cabinas La Marín Ph (506) 8393-7894. Rooms 10 US$ per person. Located on the low road to the forest post, offering rooms with shared bathrooms with hot water and a private bathroom. There is a restaurant, breakfast / lunch and dinner 2.20/3 US$.

Cabinas El Bosque  Ph (506) 2771-4129. Located 75 meters east of the National Park office. Rooms start from 7 US$ per person. Crossing the forest post, offering rooms, a bar restaurant, an area to camp and parking.  Two have private bathrooms, non guests can leave there equipment here for 2 US$ a day.

Cabinas & Soda El Descanso Ph (506) 8369-0067. Rooms 8/ 10 US$ per person. There is a private bathroom with hot water, shared.  

Albergue de Montaña El Pelícano Ph (506) 8390-4194. E-mail: elizondomartinez@yahoo.com www.hotelelpelicano.net. Located 200 meters down the road from the forest post. Rooms with breakfast 10/ 12 US$ per person, this place is owned by Wilson and Omar Elizondo. His father Rafael Elizondo is a wood and stone sculptor. It is a very quiet place with a peaceful atmosphere. There are 10 rustic rooms, shared bathroom with hot water and a balcony with views of the Talamanca Cordillera. Cabins for 2 people for 33 US$ and a fully equipped cabin for 5 people for 65 US$, private bathroom with hot water. There is a swimming pool and parking.  

Uran Lodge Ph (506) 2771-1669, (506) 8388-2333. Rooms 7 US$ per person. There are 11 rooms with one or two beds and shared bathrooms with hot water, there is a large quadruple room with a private bathroom with hot water for 22/ 32 US$. There is a restaurant, breakfast/ lunch and dinner 2.20/ 3 US$.

Vista al Cerro Lodge Ph (506) 8373-3365. Rooms 8 US$ per person.  It is located 300 meters from the football pitch in San Gerardo. There are shared bathrooms with hot water; breakfast is served from 3:30 a.m for the excursionists who get up early.

Río Chirripó Lodge Ph (506) 2771-4582. Single/ double 45 US$, with breakfast included. Located 1.5 km from the forest post, in the Canaán community. There are eight rustic cabins with balconies and private bathrooms with hot water. There is a restaurant, bar and swimming pool with hot water.