The famous spheres of Costa Rica

The famous spheres of Costa Rica.

The Diquis region is home to a pre-Columbian enigma. The granite spheres (made from granite and sedimentary rock), some are the shape of an orange, and others are up to 14 tons and two meters in diameter.  They were found along the banks of the rivers and cemeteries. Several have appeared intact on the Island of Caño, 20 Km west off the coast of the southern Pacific. They are unique, nowhere else in the world have such artifacts been discovered. How were they made? How did they achieve such a perfect spherical form? How were they transported from the pits to the ceremonial sites situated more than 30 kilometers away? And what were they for? No one knows the answers to any of these questions. Because the large spheres have not revealed their secrets. They remain silent in their new location at the Museo Nacional and in the gardens of the houses of Valle Central. You can also see them unchanged in their original surroundings on the Island of Caño, close to the Corcovado National Park, the park of Palmar Norte and in some hotels of the country. Y

ou can find the biggest sphere in the world, by crossing the bridge to the north of Palmar, after some 200 meters on the left hand side there is an entrance to the mountains, continue for a further 2 kms where you will cross a small bridge, continue a further 200 meters and you will find a black gate, next to it is the entrance to a 2 km road, head towards the mountain by foot or by car. Don’t be surprised about the place and the smell as it is a landfill site.