Savegre Valley

The Savegre Valley

This product is a joint effort of the Project for Sustainable Development of the Rio Savegre Hydrographic valley and the National Institute for Biodiversity, it’s allows tourists to get closer to the natural and cultural riches in the hydrographic valley of the Río Savegre, as well as offering tourist accommodation, meals and attractions to visit in the area. The characteristic landscape of this area shows a mosaic where natural ecosystems co-exist with high biological diversity. Visitors can enjoy the different footpaths from the Savegre, a mix of attractions, which range from the clear and noisy waters of the rushing streams, the calm tall oak trees, the picturesque rural communities camouflaged by the forest, with adventure activities, such as rafting that assure you will have a unique experience. The valley of the Río Savegre is located on the Pacific slopes of the Talamanca Cordillera, in the Central Pacific of Costa Rica. It has an extension of approximately 590 km2, which represents 1, 15 % of Costa Rican territory.

Its Inhabitants

The inhabitants of the valley are mainly farmers that live in 35 rural communities, mostly located in the middle or lower part of the valley. The total population in this area is 3.802 people. These two sectors present the largest populations, communication lines and services, as well as the production of agricultural crops.


How to arrive and leave

Because of the irregularity of the land as well as the scarce population and the existence of forest, there isn’t a route that leads to the top of the valley, the Macizo de la Muerte, with the lower valley, on the coastal plains. For tourism purposes, we have identified two different access routes: the scenic route Macizo de la Muerte and the coastal route.