It is the same city on one side and at the other side of the Río Grande de Térraba Bridge, is 125km to the south of San Isidro and 95 km northeast of the border with Panamá. The village is in the center of the banana region in the Diquis Valley and is also the center for transportation. You will have to pass through here to get to Sierpe, to Bahía Drake, and to the Corcovado National Park. This area is of great interest to archeologists because of the discovery of large almost perfect spheres; some are as big as 1.5 meters in diameter. In Palmar Norte, you will find hotels, a bus service and a gas station. Palmar Sur has an airport.


Banco Nacional Ph (506) 2786-6263. It is ATM and can give you cash from your credit cards. Banco Popular Ph (506) 2786-7033. It is ATM and can give you cash from your credit cards.


Osa Tours Ph (506) 2786-6534/ 2786-7825, fax (506) 2786-6335, it is a tourist information office, it is an agency that organizes trips to the OSA Peninsula. To go to Palmar Norte or Palmar Sur, you will need to take the south bound Interamericana, and go along the bridge that crosses the Río Grande de Térraba and take the first exit to the right after crossing over the bridge.