La Amistad International Mark

La Amistad International Park

It has an extension of 195.000 hectares; it is the largest protected area in Costa Rica. It is known as the International Park because it crosses the border with Panama. Next to two other National Parks that are on the border, indigenous reserves and biological parks, La Amistad is part of an immense biological corridor that protects a large variety of tropical habitats, that range from the tropical rain forest to the high barren plains, which has attracted the attention of biologists, ecologists and conservationists from around the world. In 1982, UNESCO declared this area the Biosphere Reserve of La Amistad, and a year later received the status of Heritage for Humanity.  Conservation International and other organizations continually work with the Costa Rican authorities to put into practice an adequate management plan.



The MINAE office in San Vito Ph (506) 2773-3955. Entry costs 6 US$ every day and camp for some 2 US$. The Central Office of the park is in the Altamira station, close to the protected area of Las Tablas, that is the area that is best equipped; there is a forest post, a small exhibition room about flora and fauna from the park, a camping area, bathrooms with drinking water, electricity and a security tower.


How to arrive and leave

You can take the local bus to the Altamira Station from Las Tablas, or you can get to Las Tablas by taxi and by bus that leave from San Vito and head towards San José.  In Las Tablas there is a soda and a grocery store where you can have something to eat while you wait. Departures from Altamira 1:00 p.m and 5:00 p.m; the buses to Las mellizas stop close to La Amistad Lodge. You can be taken to the park in a 4×4 taxi which can be found in all of the nearby cities.