Activities La Amistad Pak

Activities La Amistad Pak

Friendship has several trails, some easier than others and some better states, has two areas of camping seats about 30 people, an amphitheater, parking area and multiple viewpoints. All this with the intention that visitors can take the best experience and memories of all.

Main attractions of the La Amistad International Park: Given some unexplored areas, due to their geographical position or animal life, the most attractive of the park are trails that have opened along the same. Altogether they have nine tracks, but it is only possible to walk for seven without any permission, because the other two are in Panama. Here we will discuss the most prominent attractions in the area corresponding to five paths.

Sendero Los Gigantes del Bosque: This path is in the sector Altamira de Biolley has a length of 1.5 km and their status is regular, has a difficult road and other light. Named after the two species of trees that stand along the route that are sweet cedar and pink anger, which can reach about spending 40 meters high.

Sendero Valle del Silencio: This is the ideal path if you just want to get the most amazing photographs of La Amistad . It has several panoramic viewpoints and the possibility of observing the transition from primary to secondary forest, making it easier to see deferent species of animals and plants both. Its length is 13.5 km.

Sendero Esperanza Sheets: This trail is famous because you can go to an old Indian cemetery where you can see various remains of tombs, which were looted long ago. In addition, the path between the inner savannah, where you can observe and learn about different types of vegetations. It has a length of 3,624 meters.

Station Path Pittier-Cataract: Located in the area of Santa María de Pittier , it has a length of 6.3 km. Along the way you can spot several types of birds in the region, as well as large mammals such as the jaguar and tapir. Best thing about this trail is that at the end of the tour leads to a cascade of crystal water and incredible beauty.

Sendero Cerro Cabécar: Located in Sector Santa María de Brunka , this path is one that has the most amazing views, but only if the day is clear, because during the ascent you can see the Pacific Ocean Biological Reserve Caño Island and the Peninsula Osa. But from the top of the hill it is possible to see the Cerro Kamuk, El Cerro Crestones, the Cerro Fabrega and Volcan Baru in Panama.