Theatres – Cinemas – Casinos

Theatres – Cinemas – Casinos


The showing times appear in the national newspapers.

 The National Theatre

Ph (506) 2221-5341/ 2221-1329/ 2223-6354 / 2257-0863, 2nd Avenue, between 3rd and 5th Street. Is the most important of the city, its program includes theatre, dance, opera, symphonies, Latin American music and others.

Melico Salazar Theatre

Ph (506) 2233-5172/ 2221-4952, 2nd Avenue, between Central and 2nd Street. Open since 1920, its program consists of plays, dance and music. Every Tuesday there is a presentation of traditional folkloric dance for tourists.

Aduana Theatre

Ph (506) 2257-8305, 25th Street between 3rd and 29th Street. It is the hall where the National Theatre Company is based.

La Máscara Theatre

Ph (506) 2255-4250/ 2222-4574, 13th Street between 2nd & 6th Avenues. Gives presentations in modern dance and alternative theatre.

Carpa Theatre

Ph (506) 2234-2866, 1st Avenue, between 29th and 33rd street. Is known for its  alternative drama presentations in the open air.

Laurence Olivier Theatre

Ph (506) 2223-1960/ 2222-1034, 28th Street, on the corner of 2nd Avenue. It has a small hall with a café and gallery and presents diverse theatrical spectacles of jazz and film.

Ángel Theatre

Ph (506) 2222-8558, Central Avenue, between 13th and 15th street. Comedy sketches.

Salas Vargas Calvo Theatre  

Ph (506) 2222-1875, 2nd Avenue, between 3rd and 5th street. Presents interesting plays.

Arlequín Theatre

Ph (506) 2221-0792/ 2221-5485, 13th Street, between Central and 3rd Avenues.  Original plays.

Eugene O´Neill Theatre

Ph (506) 2225-9433/ 2253-5527, Central Avenue, on the corner of 37th street. Presenting plays that are sponsored by the Costa Rican/North American Cultural Center.


Ph (506) 2225-3255, Central Avenue, between 13th and 15th streets.

Moliere Theatre

Ph (506) 2223-5420/ 2255-2694, 13th Street, between 2nd and 6th Avenues.

Lucho Barahona Theatre

Ph (506) 2223-5972, 11th Street, between 6th and 8th Avenues.

Bellas Artes Theatre

Ph (506) 2207-4327, can be found next to the University of Costa Rica Campus, in San Pedro.

Torres Theatre

Ph (506) 2258-6078, 8th Avenue between 11th and 13th Street. Presents comedies.



Films are shown from between 11:00 am until 9:45 pm, entry fees are between 2.30 US$ to 3.65 US$, you can find showing times in the national newspapers or go to

CCM Cinemas

Ph (506) 2246-3722 with the cinemas San Pedro, Plaza Mayor, Magaly, Internacional, Omni, Variedades, Cariari, Plaza Liberia, Colonial, San Carlos, American Mall.


Ph (506) 2278-3631/ 2278-3506.


Ph (506) 2221-0909, Central Avenue, between 17th and 19th Street.

Colonial 1 and 2 

Ph (506) 2289-9000, Plaza Colonial Escazú.

Sala Garbo

Ph (506) 2222-1034, 2nd Avenue on the corner of 28th Street.

Cinemark, with the cinemas:

Centro Comercial Escazú Multiplaza Ph (506) 2288-1111.

Multiplaza del Este Mall Ph (506) 2224-8383.



The following hotels have casinos: Aurola Holiday Inn, Cariari, Corobicí, del Rey, Herradura, Presidente, Balmoral, Europa Radisson, Talamanca.

Casino Club Colonial Ph (506) 2258-2807 9th & 11th Street, 1st Avenue.

Casino Horse Shoe Ph (506) 2233-4383 7th Street, 1st Avenue.

Casino Lets Make & Bet Ph (506) 2292-5885.San Jerónimo de Moravia