San Jose

SAN JOSÉ DOWNTOWN A bustling city nestled inside a tropical paradise; San Jose sits in the center of the country in the Central Valley and is surrounded by gorgeous untouched cloud forests. Serving as a hub to the rest of the country, San Jose is the prefect place to use as a base camp to […]

Where to Eat?

San José offers a wide selection of restaurants for all tastes and to suit all budgets. You can enjoy typical Peruvian, Oriental, Italian, Chinese and French dishes. There are also American fast food chains and traditional dishes available. Except for the more economical places, the restaurants add 13% tax as well as 10% for the tip.

Hospitals – Clinics – Pharmacies

The Costa Rican Social Security Fund or Caja Costarricense de Seguro Social, is in charge of most of the nation’s public health sector. Its role in public health, is key in Costa Rica, playing an important part in the state’s national health policy making. Its services are available to all citizens and permanent legal residents. This governmental entity’s functions encompass both the administrative and functional aspects. Originally, services were carried out at private hospitals but funded by the Costa Rican Social Security Fund. Not until the mid-1960s did the Caja begin constructing its own hospitals staffed by public employees . It has the obligation to formulate and execute health programs that are both preventive and healing in nature. The Costa Rican Social Security Fund is also charged with the administration of the public pension system.


Tourists have lots of things to discover in the San José area, especially in the north and east. Barrio Escalante, is directly to the east of the National Park and was one of the most powerful and affluent areas at the end of XIX century and the beginning of the XX century.

Surf Shop

The pleasant water temperatures and the size and frequency of the waves attract thousands of surfers, from all over the world. There are approximately 116 Waves for Surfear in Costa Rica. Places such as Naranjo Beach, Potrero Grande, Grande Beach, Tamarindo beach, Langosta, Avellanas or Negra Beach, is a perfect place for visitors to the North Pacific. In the Central Pacific you can go surfing at Boca Barranca, Caldera, Jaco Beach, Hermosa Beach and Escondida Beach, among other places. In the South Pacific you can go surfing in Manuel Antonio, Dominical, Pavones and Quepos, among other places. In the Atlantic there are a large selection of beaches that are apt for surfing including Bonita Beach, Puerto Viejo, Westfalia and Manzanillo.

Language School

Across the country you will find many educational opportunities and intensive language schools that will help you on your quest to speak Spanish better, or learn to speak Spanish from scratch. You also have more than 24 accredited Spanish language schools at your disposal as well as many other intensive language schools that are not recognized, but equally good.

Bars and Discos

Chelles´s Ph (506) 2221-1369. Located on Central Avenue, 200 meters east of the Plaza de la cultura, serving cold and hot drinks, beers and liquor, as well as food and snacks. It is the place where most people meet up after they have been somewhere else, open 24 hours.  México Bar & Restaurant Ph (506) […]


To the west of San José there are the suburbs of Pavas, Rohrmoser, Escazú and Santa Ana. Rohrmoser and Pavas are two modern places where the American Embassy is located. There are diplomats that live in modern houses, situated along the wide avenues lined with trees.


Desamparados is the 3rd canton in the province of San José in Costa Rica. The canton covers an area of 118.26 km²,[1] and has a population of 206,708,[2] making it the third most populated among the 81 cantons of Costa Rica.


The name Puriscal comes from “purisco” meaning bean flower. When these plants blossom they call this “the time of purisca” and it is celebrated by those from Puriscal. This name also come from quechua, purutu or poroto, names that are also associated with the bean. Puriscal sits on top of a volcanic fault.


Their creation and origin was by means of Ordinance Nº 3 of November 27 1882 the canton it is believed. The name of Aserrí is mentioned in different ways: Ausarí, Aquicerrí, Aquetzarí, Accerí, and Acerrí, among others.


It has an unmistakable rural environment. It is a small rural city known for growing onions that you will often see hanging from the beams in restaurants and several other places along the road. To the west of the city, near the entrance to the highway, you will find stalls that sell ceramics, wicker work, locally grown fruits and of course onions.


Alajuelita is the 10th canton in the province of San José in Costa Rica. The canton covers an area of 21.17 km²,and has a population of 75,418.The capital city of the canton is Alajuelita.


Tibás is the 13th canton in the province of San José in Costa Rica. The canton covers an area of 8.15 km², and has a population of 76,815. The capital city of the canton is San Juan.The canton forms a northern suburb of the national capital city of San José. It is triangular in shape, with the Río Virilla as its northern boundary. The […]


Goicoechea is the eighth canton in the province of San José in Costa Rica. The canton covers an area of 31.5 km2, and has a population of 124,704. The capital city of the canton is Guadalupe. The elongated canton snakes its way through the suburban areas just north of San José Centro, climbing steadily into the Cordillera Central  until it reaches it eastern limit between […]


Curridabat is the 18th canton in the province of San José in Costa Rica. The canton covers an area of 15.95 square, and has a population of 72,564. The capital city of the canton is also called Curridabat.