Where to Sleep – Cahuita Beach?

Where to Sleep – Cahuita Beach?

Cabinas Costa Azul Lodge Ph +  (506) 2755-0431 / Ph +  (506) 2755-0221, Ph +  (506) 2755-0491, Tel/celular (506) 306-1562. E-mail: cabinascostaazul@racsa.co.cr http://www.cahuitacostazul.com/ Located in Puerto Vargas Cahuita. With fan Singular/ double/ triples 15/ 30/ 35 US$, with conditioned air 20/ 40/ 45 US$. It has 8 rooms with fan or with conditioned air, bathrooms private with hot water, matrimonial and individual bed, mini bar, small refrigerator, DirecTV, with A/C, and has ceramic floors.

Cabinas The Money Mooners Ph + (506) 2755-0154, Ph + (506) 8812-4054.Have 10 rooms with private bathroom, fan, for 1/ 2/ 3/ 4 people, double room 25 US$. Has parking. Reservations with Marjorie in the Heladería of the town. Spanish and English speak.

Hotel Belle Fleur Ph + (506) 2755-0283. E-mail: hotelbellefleur@hotmail.com. Have 18 rooms with private bathroom, hot water, fan, a matrimonial bed and another singular. Bend 25/ 20 US$. There are two suites totally equipped with kitchen, conditioned air, fan at a cost 55/ 50 US$ double. Another room with bed King Size and two mini-suites with refrigerator, Coffee Maker, fan, air conditioned with bed Queen Size 35/ 30 US$. Also 4 rooms for 4/ 5/ 6 people with private bathroom, hot water, fan to 8 US$ for person in bedrooms. Ranch with hammocks, futbolines, area of rest, skillful, private parking. They have box of security. They organize snorkeling tours and to the National Park. Sport fish, Gandoca Manzanillo, dolphins and mountain tour. They accept credit cards. They speak Spanish, English and dutch.

Cabinas Calypso Ph + (506) 2755-0192. It has 14 rooms with private bathroom, fan, a matrimonial bed and a singular, decorations with squares. Double 15 US$ and additional person 8 US$. Laundry Service, cooks communal equipped, scooters rent. They organize tour to the Reef, Parque Cahuita, diving and sport fishing. There is Private Park. Speak Spanish and English.

Kelly Creek Hotel & Restaurant Ph + (506) 2755-0007. E-mail: kellcr@racsa.co.cr / www.2000.co.cr/hotelkellycreek. Located close to the entrance of the park. Double 45 US$, 10 US$ extra person. There are four rooms with private bathrooms with hot water, fan, mosquito nets and high ceilings. The restaurant serves Spanish food.

Hotel Nacional Park Ph + (506) 2755-0244, Ph + (506) 2755-0065. www.cahuitanationalparkhotel.com. Located next to the park entrance. Double 30/ 35 US$ for 3 and 4 person and Double 75 US$ for those that have air conditioning and a TV. There are 20 rooms double, with private bathrooms with hot water, air conditioning and a fan. The restaurant is on the ground floor and opens from 11:00 a.m to 09:00 p.m. All currency exchange.

Hotel Sunshine Ph + (506) 2755-0368, Ph + (506) 8371-0049. E-mail: cahuitasunshinecabins@costarricense.cr E-mail: reservations@hotelsunshine.net www. hotelsunshine.net. Have 8 rooms with private bathroom with hot water, fans, conditioned Air, TV, matrimonial beds or queen. Double 25/ 30 US$. It is a building of 2 plants, private parking, hammock, speak Spanish and English, Organize tours to: Park Cahuita, Tortuguero, Manzanillo, talamanca Reserves Indigenous, diving, fishes, and horse. There is a public telephone for international calls, it is a very calm, sure place, fresh for their trees that surround the hotel.

Atlantic Surf Cabinas Ph +  (506) 2755-0116. Located 50 meters east of the the entrance to the park for the beach. Singular/ double/ triple 20/ 25/ 30 US$. It has six rustic wooden rooms, fan, private bathroom with hot water and hammock.

Linda`s Secretes Garden Cabinas Ph + (506) 2755-0327. Rooms 25/ 35 US$, with private bathroom with hot water, and they have capacity for three or four people. There is a kitchen in the exterior with coffee free and sure park.

Cabinas River Side Ph + (506) 2755-0153. It has 3 rooms with private bathroom with hot water, fan, matrimonial and simple beds. Singular/ double/ triple 15/ 20/ 25 US$. Has private parking, hammocks. Speak English and Spanish.

Cabinas Villa del Mar Ph + (506) 2755-0375. E-mail: villadelmar@ice.co.cr www.costarricensecr/pagina/villadelmar/. It has 9 rooms with private bathroom with hot water, fan, TV, 4 have equipped kitchen, refrigerator and utensils, prices from 7 US$ up to 30 US$. All with hammocks, matrimonial bed, cabins and they are characterized by the different colors, private parking with security. Speak Spanish and English.

Ciudad Perdida Lodge Ph + (506) 2755-0000, Ph + (506) 2755-0082, Ph + (506) 8388-5582/ 8384-1734. It has 8 houses Caribbean style with private bathroom and hot water. Conditioned air, fan, safe. Rooms for 2/ 3 people. Has equipped kitchen. For 4/ 6 people the standard one with two rooms and one for disabled person. Prices from 70 US$ to 100 US$ with included breakfast. There is a restaurant with breakfast service, lunch and dinner. Food typical Caribbean and to the letter. In the patio of each house there is a Jacuzzi outdoors. All the houses are built in wood and lacquered floor. It has parking private singular and a beautiful garden.

Alby Lodge Ph +  (506) 2755-0031. E-mail: alby-lodge@racsa.co.cr www.albylodge.com. Located 200 meters west from the entrance to the park. Double/ triple/ quadruple 40/ 45/ 50 US$. It has wooden booths, with private bathroom with hot water, fan, mosquito net and hammocks. Has a ranch with shared kitchen.

Bungalows Aché Cahuita Ph +  (506) 2755-0119. E-mail: ache-cr@yahoo.com www.bungalowsache.com. Located side of the National Park. It has 3 bungalows with private bathroom; hot water, two individual beds with orthopedic mattress, mosquito net, fan, lamps, mini-refrigerator, Coffee Maker. With lacquered floors and ceramic walls, built in wood. Terrace with hammocks with access for seats of wheels, for 2 or 4 people to a price 40/ 50 US$. It is special for honeymoon. For their location near the park is calm, with a lot of privacy; the nature and the animals can be observed when they end up eating in the patio of the property. It is a very fresh place. They speak Spanish, English, French and German. Private parking.

La Casa de las Flores Ph +  (506) 2755-0326. Ph + (506) 8857-8239.E-mail: info@lacasadelasfloreshotel.com www.lacasadelasfloreshotel.com. Located in front of the stop of buses of Cahuita. It has 10 rooms with private bathroom, hot water, deluxe solar panels and with bidet, conditioned air, a matrimonial bed, two singular, double 83 US$, for additional person 15 US$, includes continental breakfast. There is a room to the style Studio with matrimonial bed and cooks equipped. Has private parking, garden, box of security, automatic cashier, laundry. Besides tourist information, and internet free for the guests. Speak Spanish, English and Italian.

Cabinas Palmer Ph +  (506) 2755-0046/ Ph +  (506) 2755-0340. E-mail: cabinaspalmer@racsa.co.cr. www.cabinaspalmer.limonview.com. It has 16 rooms with private bathroom with hot water, fan, a matrimonial bed and a singular. Double 20 US$ for person, additional person 5 US$. Service of alone restaurant for the breakfast 1.60 US$ to 3 US$. Coffee or tea free the whole day. Private parking. Internet service ½ hour 1 US$ and 1 hour 2 US$. They Accept credit cards. Spanish and English speak.

Cabians Safari Nº 1 Ph +  (506) 2755-0405. E-mail: cabinassafari@yahoo.com. www.cabainassafari.limonview.com. Singular/ double/ triple/ quadruple 15/ 20/ 25/ 40 US$. It has 7 rooms, private bathroom with hot water and fan. Also an apartment 40 US$ for 2 or 4 people. Restaurant service, decanter, Internet, laundry, private park, and snorkeling trips and indigenous reservation and tours variety. It also has hammocks; each room has an independent corridor. They accept credit cards. Spanish and English speak.

Bakpakers Dulce Sueño Ph +  (506) 2755-0257.Located in the center of the village 50 meters south of the school. Double 20 US$. There are 4 cabins with private bathrooms with hot water, fan, double bed and a single bed. There is also parking.

Cabians Smith Nº 2 Ph +  (506) 2755-0157. E-mail: cabsolymar@hotmail.com. Located south side of the school.  It has 5 rooms with private bathroom, hot water, fan with matrimonial bed and a cabin, double 20 US$, for additional person 5 US$. They have parking and they organize tours. Spanish and English speak.

Bobo Shanti Cabinas Ph +  (506) 8839-1757. It has 4 rooms with private bathroom, hot water, fan, cost of 15 US$, with matrimonial bed and a singular. Has equipped communal kitchen. Private parking and hammock. Spanish and English speak.

Cabinas Brisas Del Mar Ph +  (506) 2755-0011.Located opposite the school. Double 26 US$. Rooms with private bathroom with hot water, chairs and hammocks in the corridor. There is also an apartment, double 40 US$ equipped with a cooker, fridge, private bathroom with hot water and a fan. It can be rented for a week or a month at a different tariff.

Cabinas Surfside Ph +  (506) 2755-0203. Located opposite the school and the sea. With a cooker, fridge and fan and private bathroom, single / double 15/ 20 US$ and two cabins 25/ 30 US$. English spoken and there is also parking.

Spencer Seaside Lodging Ph +  (506) 2755-0210 / 755-0027, Ph + (506) 8392-2474. E-mail: spencer@ice.co.cr. Located in front of the sea. It has 25 rooms with private bathroom, hot water, fan, for 1/ 2/ 3/ 4/ 5 people cost of 20 US$ double in the low plant, built in cement and 30 US$ double in the part of up, built in wood with balcony and hammocks. Has a room separated in other second floor with mini-refrigerator, matrimonial bed and singular and cabins? Has green area in front of the sea and with view to the National Park, with hammocks, B.B.Q. It is a very calm place and relax. They also offer internet services for 0.50 US$. They Organize tours to the Indigenous Reservation, the waterfalls, tour organic banana tree, observation of birds, snorkeling to the corals and then they leave them in Punta Cahuita, in the Park so that they retaliate walking. Sportfish. In Puerto Viejo “Party”, leaves them and it picks up them at the hour that are indicated. Two busetas for transport, tour rafting to Río Sixaola from Big Stone until Margarita in big Tires. Mini-gym. Rent of washers, you wash their clothes.

Cabinas Jenny Ph +  (506) 2755-0256. E-mail: sashjencabins@hotmails.com. Located in front of the sea. It has 6 habitaciones 2 in the low plant and 4 in the part of up, with view to the sea, private balcony with hammocks and seats, private bathroom with hot water, fan, mosquito net, individual bed and another matrimonial. Price from 30/ 35/ 40/ 45 US$, with mini refrigerator, offers parasols for the guests. Laundry services for 6 US$. They change books. Private parking. Spanish and English speak.

Cabinas Arrecife Reef Ph +  (506) 2755-0081. Located 100 meters east and 25 meters south of the Police Station. Single/ double/ triple 20/ 25/ 30 US$. There are 11 rooms with a fan and private bathroom with hot water. There is also a swimming pool, hammock area and an area to have breakfast. If there are groups of 15 to 20 people, they will prepare a barbequed dinner with three types of meat and have music from a calypso band. Box of security in the reception.  They carry out tours to the reefs with snorkeling to 20 US$for person. Duration of 4 hours. It includes water, fruits and the professional team with bilingual guide.

Cabians Smith Nº 1 Ph +  (506) 2755-0068. E-mail:cabsolymar@hotmail.com. It has 6 rooms with private bathroom, hot water, fan, conditioned air, mini-refrigerator, individual bed and a matrimonial, 25 US$ double, without conditioned air and for additional person 5 US$, with conditioned air 30 US$.  Has parking. They organize tour. Spanish and English speak.

El Encanto B & B Ph +  (506) 2755-0113. E-mail: encanto@racsa.co.cr www.elencantobedandbreadfast.com. Located 50 meters west of the Police Station. Double 59 US$, extra person 10 US$ breakfast included. A salon with hammocks, offering massages for 40 US$ per person. There are three bungalows, double 50 US$ breakfast included, extra person 10 US$, with a ceiling fan, beds, private bathroom with hot water and a private patio. There is also a house with three bedrooms 160 US$ for 8 people, each one with a private bathroom with hot water and a patio, that share an equipped kitchen.

Bluspirit Ph +  (506) 2755-0122. E-mail: bluspirit_4@hotmail.com www.bungalowsbluspirit.com. Double/ triple 30/ 40 US$. There are three small romantic bungalows, a terrace, a palm leaf ceiling and a hammock, built from wood, private bathrooms with hot water, fans, a double mattress upstairs and a single mattress downstairs. It is located some 20 meters from the sea and has a natural swimming pool and an area where you can sit down and take in your surroundings, sunbathe and look out to sea. It is a quiet and cozy place; there are two beautiful sloths that hang about in the trees in the property.

Cabinas Tito Ph +  (506) 2755-0286 www.cabinastito.com. Located close to Barrio Unión. Single/ double 25/ 30 US$. There are six rooms with private bathrooms, some have an American cooker. There is also a restaurant and parking.

Cabians Safari Nº 2 Ph +  (506) 2755-0393. E-mail:cabinassafari@yahoo.com www.cabinassafari.limonview.com. It has 6 rooms with private bathroom, hot water, and fan. There are individual, double rooms, triples and quadruple to a price of 15/ 20/ 30/ 40 US$. Has an apartment totally equipped for 2 or 4 people to 40 US$. It also has parking private, wide green area, hammocks, and laundry service. They organize tours. They accept credit cards. If the guest requests in advance they prepare him the breakfast, lunch and the dinner with an additional cost.

Pepe`s Place Ph + (506) 8811-2754. It has 3 rooms a cost 18 US$ double. And a house to rent totally equipped, bathrooms private and fan to 50 US$ per night with view to the sea.

Cabians Caribe Luna Ph +  (506) 2755-0331. E-mail: cahuita@caribeluna.com www.caribeluna.com. Located in a calm and silent area, surrounded of palms, of many animals. From the terrace of their apartment will be able to contemplate and to listen the song of a great variety of birds, can see flocks of howling monkeys jumping of tree in tree and to observe the Oso perezoso. In the nights the moon will illuminate the surroundings of its apartment and will have opportunity to contemplate another gift of the exuberant nature of the tropic. Big apartment with a room with double bed but a room with bunks, cooks, fan, private bathroom with hot water, terrace, for 2/ 4 people 45/ 75 US$. Small Apartment a room with double bed and bunks, bathroom with hot water, fan, terrace, for 2/ 4 people 30/ 45 US$ and 6/ 8 people 105/ 130 US$

Bungalow & Pizzeria El Cactus Ph +  (506) 2755-0276, Ph + (506) 8841-6526. E-mail: info@elcactuscahuita.com www.elcactuscahuita.com. Located on Chiquita Beach Bº La unión 70 meters from the beach. Prices vary double 40/ 45/ 50 US$, extra person 10 US$ breakfast included. There are four first class bungalows, made from sea materials and beautiful furniture, with a room, private bathroom with hot water, mini bar, fridge, Queen Bed and single bed, air conditioning, Satellite TV, there is a pizzeria restaurant, open all day for guests, with an express delivery service and a special discount price. Guests are picked up from the Cahuita bus terminal without any additional costs. They organize tennis games. There is also parking.