Panama border

Panama border

The Republic of Panamá

You can use the offices that organize circuits from Puerto Viejo to Cahuita; some hotels coordinate these circuits and the ATEC office. Nature was generous when it spread beauty in the area of Bocas del Toro. Their silver beaches are magnificent areas to bathe. Bocas del Toro, is a coastal island in the Atlántic some 300 miles from Panama City. The inhabitants dedicate themselves to the cultivation of bananas, they fish turtles, as well as oysters and mussels and other shell fish that are abundant in the area. Its population is predominantly black and indigenous.

How to arrive from Costa Rica

By car to the border of Sixaola, then drive to  Finca 63 (Changuinola) or Almirante 35 Km. The road is paved and in good condition. In Finca 63 you can take a sea taxi to Bocas del Toro. In Almirante you can park your car and take a sea taxi to Bocas del Toro. You can also go by bus, there are two buses, one leaves from Limon every two hours, and it arrives at the border in Sixaola. The other, from San José to the border and the extremes of Changuinola. Transporte Bocatoreño leaves at the same time as Panaline, en San José, 10:00 a.m. There are two ways to get to Bocas del Toro, via Almirante or via Finca 63. In Almirante de Sixaola you can take a taxi for 15 US$ or by bus 1 US$, or taxi 5 US$ to Changuinola by bus  and then take a bus to Almirante 1 US$ it takes 45 minutes. In Almirante take a sea taxi for 3 US$ the journey lasts 30 minutes to Bocas, to Finca 63 its takes 10 minutes outside of  Changuinola, you can take a bus 0.50 US$  or a taxi 1 US$. To Finca 63, take a sea taxi 5 US$ the journey lasts 45 minutes to Bocas. And to return to San José by bus, Transporte Bocatoreño departs everyday at 10:00 a.m the same time as the buses in Changuinola.

The Culture

Bocas del Toro is a mosaic of cultures: Spanish, Indian, English, French, Western Indian, German and American are part of the regional tapestry.

Isla de Bastimentos Natural Park

Located in Bocas del archipiélago de Toro, it has an extension of more than 13.000 hectares on land and in sea , the beauty of the Zapatillas Keys attracts the majority of tourists that arrive in the area, the park has other attractions that tourists can enjoy. Once there, tourists can go snorkeling, scuba diving or swim in the clear waters or simply relax in the beach or explore the forest.

How to arrive and leave

Transportes Mepe Buses Ph (506) 2257-8129 San José Office, Ph (506) 2750-0023 Puerto Viejo Office, Ph (506) 2758-1572 Limón Office, price 5 US$, lasting 5 hours. Timetable: departures from San José: 06:00 a.m,10:00 a.m ,01:30 p.m and 03:30 p.m, Puerto Viejo 10:00 a.m, 02:00 p.m ,05:30 p.m and 07:30 p.m, Bribri 10:30 a.m, 02:30 p.m, 06:00 p.m. and 08:00 p.m, Sixaola 12:00 m.d, 04:00 p.m, 07:30 p.m and 09:30 p.m. Departures from  Limón: from 05:00 a.m, then every hour until 06:00 p.m.