209 Km, from San José, 16 km from Puerto Viejo 20 Km from Bribrí, 54 km from Sixaola and 43 km from Puerto Limón. Located on the Carribean coast, to the southeast of the city of Limón in the county of Talamanca, Cahuita is a park that offers magnificent white sandy beaches, palm trees, exuberant vegetation, coral reefs, areas with swamps and mangroves. It has an extension of 1.067,9 hectares and is one of the most beautiful in the country. It was created on the 24th of September 1970. Etymologically, it seems that the word Cahuita has indigenous origins Kawe = caoba and ta = punta, and because of this the place name Punta Cahuita is essentially redundant. Cahuita National Park has the only well developed coral reef on the Costa Rican coast: although the park has a coastal extension of 14 km between the river mouths of  Suárez and Carbón; the reef has a fan like extension of 240 hectares around Punta Cahuita, stretching out 500 meters form the coast. Two good beaches, apt for swimming, covered in coconut trees, and located very close to Cahuita. Some 500 meters to the northeast of the center of Negra Beach, covered in black volcanic sands. The road to access the beach is lined with bars, restaurants, hotels and cabins. A very recommendable beach with immaculate white sand and extends between the mouth of the Suárez and Perezoso Rivers, within the limits of the National Park. Between both beaches there is rocky coast next to the center of the village. In some there are good waves where you can go surfing.


Ph (506) 2755-0461/ 2755-0302/ 2755-0060. The two entrances open everyday from 08:00 a.m to 04:00 p.m. At Kelly Creek, they accept donations and in Puerto Vargas, close to camping, you will need to pay 6 US$, you can access the park with vehicles. There are bathrooms as well as picnic tables.

Where to sleep

You can camp for 2 US$ per person on Vargas Beach, less than a kilometer away from the Vargas Forest post.  At the center of administration, situated in the middle of the camping site, there are bathrooms, toilets, drinking water, picnic tables. There is always room here, for those that like to camp close to the center for security, do not leave behind valuables.


How to arrive and leave

From the center of Cahuita you can get to the entrance of Kelly Creek on foot; you can return by bus or walking. Both routes have one day excursions. The alternative is to take the bus at 06.00 a.m heading towards Puerto Viejo de Talamanca to the main village of Cahuita; you will need to ask the driver to stop at the entrance of Puerto Vargas.  From there you can walk 1 Km to get to the beach, and another 7 Km. to return to Cahuita.