Activities in Puerto Limon

Activities in Puerto Limon

How to arrive and leave

By Bus

The services to Moín leave from Limón several times every hour from 06:00 a.m.  You can board the bus opposite the cathedral or at the Gran Terminal Caribe.


By Boat

To go the National Park it is better to enroll on the organized circuits with transportation by boat or by plane. To travel independently you will need to head towards Moín and ask. The boat to Tortuguero is 300 meters to the left of the main port, passing by a security check. Almost everyday passenger boats and cargo boats travel here.  The trip to Tortuguero lasts two hours and a half, depending on the boat. The most common way to travel is on a private boat, that costs 45 US$ round trip per person with a minimum of 3. The boats that travel the earliest usually depart between 07:00 a.m and 08:00 a.m. After lunch, and a brief visit to Tortuguero, they return after two hours and a half, although it is also possible to spend the night and return the following day. In Moín there is secure parking, but you should not leave valuables in the car.



Tortuguero Odysseys Tours Ph + (506) 2758-0824. Charging 50 US$ for a one-day circuit, or 75 US$ for one-day accommodation in an economic hotel and meals.


Modesto Watson Ph + (506) 2226-0986 in San José. E-mail: / Tortuguero from Moín 150 US$ for 2 days, 1 night, 1 person all included.


Willis Rankin Ph + (506) 2798-1556. Tortuguero from San José 190 US$ all included 2 days, 1 night, 1 person.