Activities La Fortuna

Activities La Fortuna

Sky Adventures Arenal & Monteverde Park  Ph + 506 2479-4100/   1-844-4686759                        E-mail: Is located in one of the world’s most recognized and wonderful cloud forest. Located in the high mountains of the Puntarenas province and due to its high altitude, between 1200m (3940 ft) and 1750m (5740 ft) above sea level, Monteverde has a variable climate which has helped produce an extremely high biodiversity. This by itself is why Monteverde is so widely popular, to the point that is has been acclaimed as one of the most outstanding wildlife sanctuaries in the world. This diverse life system consists of over 2,500 plant species, over 100 species of mammals,  more than 400 bird species, 120 reptilian and amphibian species, and thousands of insects; truly a whole world by itself. Sky Adventures Monteverde Park was the first of our parks to open in Costa Rica on 1997. Precisely the richness of the biodiversity of Monteverde was the reason to exist. Our founders wanted for the visitors of Monteverde to experience the cloud forest at its best, to discover anything they could and wanted to in this magical forest. And since then, that has been our driven force. Visitors of Sky Adventures Monteverde Park can experience the richness of the areas biodiversity, exploring the cloud forest in many different ways; having fun in the heights, exploring tree tops, and ultimately learning about this wonderful destination.


Arenal Evergreen Ph +  506 2479-8712, Ph + 506)2 479-9511, Ph Cel + 506  8545-0475. From Alamo Rent a Car150 mts south. La Fortuna – Volcán Arenal Costa Rica E-mail: Arenal Evergreen’s staff will be glad to help you design your perfect vacations. Our aim is to make your trip memorable. Thinking of how to make your dream vacation in Costa Rica become a reality, we, at Arenal Evergreen, offer you the perfect combination of tours, hotels and transportation service   alternatives at Arenal Volcano area. And for your total pleasure, we offer several options for your traveling, and combination vacations packages of Costa Rica. and the hot deals at Arenal Volcano and La Fortuna. The adventurous traveler in your Vacation in Costa Rica will find the opportunity at Arenal Volcano area to enjoy White water Rafting, Canopy adventure, River trip, Hiking Tours, Sport Fishing, kayak, horseback riding, canyoneering, view to the spectacular Arenal Volcano, Fortuna Waterfall, and the nature lovers bird watching, Caño Negro Wildlife Refuge, Safari by raft, the most spectacular natural hot springs like Tabacon, Baldi, Paradise, this is just to mention a few wonderful places and activities that are waiting for you to discover them and our helpful and well trained staff will be more than happy to assist you in helping you enjoy your vacation time offering the best Costa Rica Vacation Packages.


Arenal Mundo Aventura Ecological Park Ph 506 +506 2479-9762, Ph + 506 2479-9156, Ph WhatsApp +506 6042-2088. Adress: 1.5 km south of the La Fortuna Catholic Church, after Fortuna River. Email: Located in La Fortuna, San Carlos, Costa Rica, 1.5 km (1 mile) south of the Catholic Church, we have been declared a Tropical Ecological Park, and have a wide array of natural, cultural, and adventure tours which promise visitors unforgettable one-of-a-kind experiences in Costa Rica.  Arenal Mundo Aventura was created through the dreams and plans of 4 business partners, and opened its doors in 2005.The primary objective is and was to conserve the rainforest and the environment, combining that with ecotourism and responsible adventure tourism. With this project we have managed to reforest a large amount of land, of which we currently only use 10% in our daily operations.  We are the ecological park which protects, maintaining 560 hectares of tropical rainforest in its natural state, allowing for the enjoyment of the greatest adventure, cultural awareness, and educational tours, all with excellence and in complete harmony with the environment.  To be the preferred destination for national and international tourists who wish to take part in tours in the tropical rainforest; be they adventure, cultural, or educational tours; highlighting the natural history trails. To position ourselves as the best eco-tourism company in Central America, recognized for our high quality services, high ecological conscience, and respect of our ancestral cultures.


Aventuras Arenal Ph + 506 2479-9133. E-mail: La Fortuna, San Carlos, Costa Rica. It’s a Costa Rican family company focus on giving our customers a total experience of the Arenal. We have: Hiking, kayaking, fishing, boat tours, canoeing, safari floats, hot springs, caves, cultural, ecological and adventure tours plus the best ground transportation service all over the country with our caring, professional group of drivers. Join our services; we want to become part of your Costa Rica experience! Caño Negro- Río Frío Boat Tour, Kayak Lago Arenal, Paseos Bote Lago Arenal, Safari Flotante, Pesca.


Chaves Tours Ph+506 2479-0606 Best way to get to the waterfall. We are the only horseback riding tour operator authorized by the ICT ( the government institute). … horseback riding tours are the most common in La Fortuna, we offer Arenal Volcano horse tour,Monteverde horseback riding. This is a combination of horseback riding and hiking in this beautiful scenery. These horses are trained to take you all the way up to the waterfall trough green areas of pastures, forest and high hills. The views of San Carlos valleys and the Tropical Forest that surround the waterfall are spectacular. At the end of the road will let the horses and will walk dawn trough a trail all the way to the base of the water fall, which is 65 mts. high. This fantastic area is very quiet and special to relax and enjoy a good time. Here you can always swim in its natural pool On the way back we Hill come trough a privet farm of 400 hectares, where will be able to see Toucan, oriels, a large variety of flora and fauna we will also able to see one of the larges trees in the area We will ride trough different lots of cattle and at the same time we will cross 3 different rivers.


El Indio Indígena Santuario Tel (506) 2479-9786. Located 1.5 kms from the Fortune highway to San Ramón. In this beautiful museum will be able to find all kinds of instruments used by our aboriginal ones that narrate their history and life. The Reserve also has 16 tombs in their natural state that they were discovered by their current owners in the year 1999, bill with certification of National Museum of Costa Rica like archaeological place Al-99. In the environment will be able to observe medicinal plants, fruits, tints like the achiote, used by our ancestors for their daily life. In the gardens will find a great Heliconia variety (unique species in the country) as well as the Orchids in their atmosphere natural and many native species of the region of a great beauty. In their journey will have the pleasure of observing the friendly hummingbird and butterflies that are plentiful in great variety and colourings. Beautiful place be also has a Ranario with different frog classes like they are the frogs of red eyes, frog Blue Jean, glass frogs and frog Command. A butterfly with butterfly Morfus, King and Kálingo. Hummingbird of white line, red line and wings of sables. Besides Fantasy tropical Garden with 150 Heliconia species, 50 species of Orchids, 20 bromelias species and 40 species of medicinal plants.


Arenal Canopy Tour Tel (506) 2479-9769/ 2479-8415, fax (506) 2479-8137. E-mail: Located 2 km of the center of The Fortune in the private reserve The Orchid, in the well-known mountainous complex as “La Fila de los Perdidos”. It has 10 cables and 11 platforms what allows to fill the expectations looked for by those who want to make the tour. Includes: guide professionals, certified team, transport, drinks. Recommendations: long pants (for horsemen), camera, binocular, closed shoes. Requirements: To sign the waiver, have between 5 and 65 years of age. Exits 08:00 a.m, 11:00 a.m, 01:00 p.m and 02:15 p.m. Returns; 12:00 m.d, 03:00 p.m, 05:00 p.m and 06:00 p.m. Price for person 50 US$ canopy and horse back / 45 US$ canopy. Students and children of 5 to 12 years 40 US$ and 36 US$.


Off Road Arenal Tel (506) 2479-9769/ 2479-8415, fax (506) 2479-8137. E-mail: Is a different alternative for those that love the motor sport and especially ATVs. Hard three hours and designs for anyone, doesn’t care have experience in ATV or not. The Vehicles are 350cc is of a bigger size in town and automatic, easy to use.  You begin with a chat of security on the handling of the vehicles and instructions of the tour, and then goes to a private farm, for the pastures, lakes, rivers, paths of the primary rainy forest, with view to the Volcano. It is possible to appreciate several types different from animals as lazy, toucans, orioles, white hawks, monkeys, reptilian and more. The minimum age is of 15 years. Schedules: 08.00 a.m, 11:00 a.m and 02.30 p.m.


Arenal Mundo Aventura Centro de Operaciones Tel (506) 2479-9762, fax (506) 2479-8141. E-mail: The park Ecological Tropical Arenal Mundo. Located in the skirts of the Volcán Arenal. Big and boys will be able to find adventure and nonpareil amusement, from 80 meters of Rappel and 11 impressive jumps in the Canopy, until a horse back for the Rainy Tropical Forest or kilometers of paths for a healthy and educational walk of natural history. The trip has 2 forms different from beginning; either in cart, comfortably seated thrown by a tractor which takes approximately 20 minutes or in a horse back that has an approximate duration of 45 minutes, after the arrival begins a walk from 30 to 45 minutes through the Forest in which chats will be imparted on the ecosystem carried out by specialized guides. Once concluded the same one the journey begins for the cables, taking team of high quality which is constantly renovated to assure its perfect state. The cables leave of platforms located in the floor assuring that the fall of a tree doesn’t end up causing any type of against time, the cables, 10 in total go from 200 meters arriving to the one of but longitude of 800 meters; each cable offers an experience and different sensation, through canyons observing waterfalls, crossing the glasses of the trees or leaving a spectacular one Toasts Mirador 18 meters high, the Cataratas Fortuna, Pico Blanco and of course the spectacular Volcán Arenal accompanied us in the journey. What to bring? Long pant, shoes to walk in mountain, blocking lot, repellent against insects. Schedule of tomorrow: 07:00 a.m and 10:30 a.m and late 01:30 p.m. rate 55 US$ for person, children single pay 50%, minimum 2 people. Tour Populates Malekus: they took to a real world of mystic tradition and alive nature in an unheard experience. During 2 hours they will be the guests of a group of called natives Malekus who through their dances and customs will give us a lesson of peace and harmony. This village was built under the most authentic in the traditions: near the average water, in front of the sacred fire mountain (the Volcán Arenal) and with regard to the position of the stars. Be maybe for this reason that the place is mystic for if alone and you full with positive energy as its inhabitants transfer us its message of love. At the end of the presentation, will be able to share with the inhabitants of the village and until will have time of buying some of their crafts.  Schedule of the Tour morning: 08:00 a.m. Late: 04:00 p.m. Rates: visits: 15 US$ for person Presentations: 25 US$ for person, children single 50%, minimum 2 people.


MR: Lava Lava Cellular (506) 8394-7033. E-mail: Located of the park of the Fortune 100 meters South and 300 meters West in the Sleep Inn West House. It organizes tour at night to the Volcano, hard 2 ½ hours, cost of 10 US$, with chat, transport and bilingual guide. Optional Tour to the Volcano and the thermal waters for 25 US$.


Moto Rental Tel (506) 2479-7376. Located 100 meters west of the Church. They rent motos, scooters, Prices per hour 10 US$, half hour 35 US$ and per day 50 US$. Voucher with card covers the deposit of 200 US$. Motos 20/ 45/ 24/ 75 US$. Accept credit cards. Spanish and English speak.


Eagle tour Tel/fax (506) 2479-9091/ 2479-9361, fax (506) 2479-7080. E-mail: Tours to the Volcán Arenal: offers the visitors a half-day tour, to the 03:00 p.m they arrive in the minibus going to a point predetermined to begin the walk with two hours, through a secondary forest that contains a habitat like monkeys, spiders, congos, some cariblancos, toucans, turkeys, and a great variety of plants in the skirts of the volcano, later they informed of the volcano Arenal through the guide, continuing the trip the guide showed us where the thermal waters are born. If the nature allows one will be able to see the show of lava for but of one hour.  Tour Includes: Transport, guides, sodas, lantern and entrance to the reservation.


Puree Trek Canyoning Tel (506) 2461-2110/ 2461-2112, fax (506) 2461-2113, call USES & Canada 1-866-569-5723. E-mail: Carries out tour packages or of one day. Volcano & Beach for 8 days/ 7 nights in Volcán Arenal & Playa Manuel Antonio from 754 US$ for person. The essential Costa Rica 13 days/ 12 nights national park Tortuguero, Volcán Arenal, Monteverde & beach Manuel Antonio from 1.167 US$ for person. The Canyoning Waterfall Rappel: includes 5 rappel (4 waterfalls and a walk has more than enough rock), transport to and from hotel, guides bilingual professionals, lunch typical, hard 4 hours, exit 07:00 a.m to 12:00 m.d.


Desafio tours Tel (506) 2479-9464, fax (506) 2479-9463. E-mail: E-mail: The Rafting River Toro Class 3-4, hard 2.5 hours cost 85 US$. The Canyon Aventure, 4 hours, cost 85 US$. The River Arenal class 2-3 rafting & kayaking, 2.5 hours, cost 65 US$. The Horse back The Fortune – Monteverde, 5.5 hours, cost 75 US$. Walk Volcán Arenal, 2.5 at 3 hours, cost 20 US$. Cavernas de Venado, 5 hours, cost 35 US$. Walk extreme Cerro Chato, 4-5 hours, cost 65 US $. Mountain Bicycle 4.5 hours cost 52 US$. Waterfall the Fortune & horse back 4 hours, cost 35 US$. Refuge of Vida Silvestre Caño Negro 8 hours, cost 52 US$. Kayaking Lago Arenal, 4.5 hours, cost 45 US$.


Flora & Fauna Tour Operador Monteverde Tel (506) 2479-9955, fax (506) 2479-9956. E-mail: The Jeep Boat Jeep, is from the Fortune to Monteverde and vice versa, leaves the Fortuna 08:30 a.m and of Monteverde 08:00 a.m, hard approximately 2 ½ hours. The first part of the tour is for earth and with a bilingual guide, later the trip in the boat through the lake of Arenal, to the other side waits for an automobile to take to its destination.


Sunset Tours Tel (506) 2479-9800 / 2479-9801, Tel/fax (506) 2479-9415 / USA / Canada: 1-888-790-5264. E-mail: Sunset Tours of San Carlos Fortuna is a travel agency and tour operator specialized in echo-adventure tourism and trips, in the North Region of Costa Rica. It provides singular or in group, consults of trip, tour, trip packages and reservations for lodging, rent of automobiles and the trip of domestic flights. If it looks for a hotel the company it recommends to Arenal Lodge.  Tour to Caño Negro to area is known as a biological corridor between Costa Rica and Nicaragua. See many species of birds, 3 types of monkeys, the Cayman, iguanas, lazy, and more. Walks Lava of the Volcano: It will travel per minutes 25 minutes to the side West of the Volcano and when beginning the tour in the National Park.


Jacamar Naturalist Tour Tel/fax (506) 2479-9767/ 2479-9456. E-mail: It is a commercial company dedicated to the benefit of diverse tourist services in Costa Rica; offers a wide tours variety to the main destinations or places of more tourist attractiveness in the north region of the country. It offers services of transport to other tourist companies that you need of the service or to individual tourists or group that you want to move to other regions of the country. It has offices in San Carlos Fortuna, from where manages their main operations at national and regional level. 8 Naturalistic guides have Certificates license of the ICT like Authorized Tourist Guide and a complete administrative team.


Aguas Bravas Tel (506) 2479-9025/ 2292-2072, fax (506) 2229-4837.E-mail: Organizes voyages for the river 33 US$ national, 65 US$ foreigners. Horse back 28 US$ national and 34 US$ foreigners, mountain bicycle 26 US$ national and 36 US$ foreigner.


Arenal Evergreen Tours & Souvenirs Tel (506) 2479-9511, fax (506) 2479-8157. E-mail: From 2002, Arenal Evergreen is the perfect combination in the tours in the area of the Volcán Arenal, the best hotels in The Fortune, tours Volcán Arenal, the Rafting, Canopy tour, Tabacon thermal waters; see the spectacular lava that flows and the eruptions, purchases in Souvenirs, tour to Nicaragua, private transport, waterfall of the Fortuna, and to look at the birds of Caño Negro.


Info Center la Parada Tel (506) 2479-7323. Open of 07:00 a.m to 09:30 a.m, every day. Sale and tour information in the area and in the whole Country, they coordinate and they organize the tour.


Pura Vida Tours Tel (506) 2479-9045, fax (506) 2479-9638 / Cellular (506) 8362-2842. E-mail: Open of 07:00 a.m to 10:00 p.m every day. Internet service and transports. Walk to the Volcano: The tour begins in the active area of the Volcán Arenal, where will be able to observe the fall of incandescent rocks and the eruption of gases, and roaring of this astonishing colossus. Walks for paths of rainy tropical forest accompanied by a naturalistic guide, where will be able to observe monkeys, toucans, lazy and much more.


Costa Rica Sunrise Telfax (506) 2479-9075. E-mail: It is a family company that is born in San Carlos Fortuna, with the idea of offering a new and varied alternative to the foreign tourist as to the national tourist. Descriptions of the following tours: The Refuge of Life Silvestre Caño Negro: with category of International Humedal (RAMSAR), of 10 thousand hectares of protected Territory and 900 hectares in Lagoons. Refuge of the most variable quantity in species of endemic and migratory birds as it is it, the exotic Jabiru which has but of 1 meter high, the rosy spatula, the places of animation of the cormonares, blue of several types, the pretty ibises. Also animals as the lazy ones, 3 types of monkeys, Cayman, bats, the prehistoric fish Gaspar. Includes: Transport, guides naturalistic, lunch, entrance Refuge.


Destiny Tours and Internet Tel (506) 2479-8340/ Tel/fax (506) 2479-8950 E-mail: The tour of Bicycle to Volcan Arenal: exit 08:00 a.m and 01:00 p.m, returns 12:00 m.d and 04:00 p.m., includes bilingual guide, bicycle, helmet, drinks, transfer to the hotel, the minibus is good to take water, reserves and support, cost 45 US$. Walk to the Volcano: exit 08:00 a.m and 03:00 p.m, returns 12:00 m.d and 07:00 p.m, includes entrance to the park, drinks, guides bilingual naturalistic and transport, cost 27 US$. Seen Volcano: with three types of monkeys, wild boars, two types of toucans, White Coatis, Oro Péndulas, Gilded Víboras Pestaña, Boas constrictoras, Ciervos Blanco and Frogs Dart of Poison. Exit 04:00 p.m, returns 07:00 p.m, and includes entrance to the park, drinks, guides bilingual naturalistic and transport, cost 22 US$. Horse back to the Volcano: exit 08:00 a.m and 01:00 p.m, returns later 4 hours, includes transport from the hotel, guides local, horse, entrance to the park and water, cost 40 US $. They also carry out other different tours and the service of Internet.


Adventure Center Tel (506) 2479-8585, fax (506) 2479-8503 / Tel (506) 2257-1807. E-mail: River Peñas Blancas Safari Tour Clase I: 2 hours in direct contact with the fauna, observe monkeys, crocodiles, poisonous frogs and birds. Exit: 08:00 a.m and 01:00 p.m, returns: 12:30 p.m and 04:30 p.m, includes: transport, tropical fruit in the river, lunch, guides bilingual professionals and team. Sarapiquí River Rafting class II – III: 2.5 hours in direct contact with the fauna, and humid tropical forest. Exit of San José: 07:00 a.m and 12:00 m.d, returns: 03:00 p.m and 08:00 p.m. Exit of The Fortuna: 08:00 a.m and 01:00 p.m, returns: 02:30 p.m and 06:00 p.m include: transport, tropical fruit in the river, Costa Rican typical lunch, guides bilingual professionals and team, kayak of security. Sarapiquí River Rafting class III – IV: with but of 17 levels continuous class III and IV. Exit of San José: 07:00 a.m to and 12:00 m.d, returns: 03:00 p.m and 08:00 p.m. Exit of The Fortuna: 08:00 a.m and 01:00 p.m, returns: 02:30 p.m and 06:00 p.m. Include: Transport, breakfast of tropical fruit, lunch typical Costa Rican, guides bilingual professionals, the whole team, kayak of security. Other Tours: Canyon, Rappel waterfalls, Caverns de Venado, canopy tour, ATV tour, Caño Negro, Walks to the Volcán Arenal and thermal waters, Waterfall the Fortuna and the tour of the culture Maleku.


Tourist Info Center/ Expeditions La Fortuna Tel (506) 2479-9101. Open of 07:00 a.m to 10:00 p.m every day. Offers service of Internet; has of souvenirs and sale of Tours.


Sky Tram Arenal Rain Forest Tel (506) 2479-9944. E-mail: Tour Sky Trek – Sky Tram: to regulate/ students/ children 60/ 48/ 38 US$, schedule 07:30 a.m, 08:30 a.m, 09:00 a.m, 10:30 a.m, 11:30 a.m, 12:30 p.m, 01:30 p.m, 03:00 p.m, 03:30 p.m. Night Tour: 50/ 40/ 26 US$, schedule 06:00 p.m. Tour of Observation of Bird: 50/ 40/ 26 US$, schedule 06:00 a.m. Has access for seat of wheels, is a guided tour, and includes a journey for the paths, alone for bigger children to 8 years, it is not advisable for people with problems of health. The company puts to its readiness a wide range of services, offers transport from any hotel of the area, also offers special packages for students groups or trips. The tour of the Sky Tram this designed for the handicap access and in seats of wheels, the tour is capable for any age and at the end of the journey it has a wide observation platform and sanitary services. In the Restaurant Muca, enjoyment of a delicious dinner with the variety in courts of meats or prefers to take a cocktail in the bar, located to 500 meters of the center of the Fortuna, has more than 32 years of existing and specialties are the meats and the seafood. Also next to the restaurant also offers a bar with a great variety of cocktails and a party atmosphere. Open every day of 11:0 0 a.m to 01:00 a.m.


Arenal Adventures Tel (506) 2479-9133, fax (506) 2479-9295. E-mail: Aventuras Arenal is a company specialized in ecological tours and transport, aquatic and terrestrial, in the teams they guarantee security, service and comfort. The company possesses its own boats, minibuses and guides. Security in license of aquatic transport, sure of civil responsibility, motors were and inside new overboard, vests lifeboat and extinguishers. Audio teams in the minibuses and boats, guides bilingual English – Spanish, a bus Mercedes Benz extra full for 30 passengers and a Toyota Coaster, seven minibuses for fifteen passengers and a Hyundai Stareck 4 x 4 with capacity for 6 passengers, six boats with capacity for 25/ 30/ 42/ 39/ 52 people. Also a boat of pontoons, carpeted and with special padded seats for pajareros, with capacity for 15 people.


Arenal Hanging Bridges / Puentes Colgantes Oficina Tel (506) 2479-9686, Tel/fax (506) 2479-8362. E-mail: Hanging Bridges are a tourist development of paths and bridges in harmony with the nature, the natural reservation of almost 250 hectares of Forest Rainy Virgen; it is located exactly in front of the Volcán Arenal and their Lagoon, with scenic views during the passing of the bridges in the path. The project Hanging Bridges of the Arenal consists of eight (8) fixed bridges whose longitudes oscillate between 8 and 22 meters long, as well as six (6) hanging bridges of elegant design and security, built with the most modern techniques that measure between 48 and 98 meters among the towers.


Mapache Tours Tel (506) 2479-8333/ (506) 2479-8454, fax (506) 479-8048. They Began from 1994 like a receptive agency of Tourism with the strict market German, few years later they began to work with the Spanish market, common during the last years in the country. Tours Eternal Forest of the Children: Exit: 07:00 a.m, arrival: 05:00 p.m. Include: guides naturalistic bilingual, transport, entrances and lunch. Minimum 2 people, cost 100 US$ each one. Horse back to The Waterfall of The Fortuna. Exit: 08:00 a.m and 01:00 p.m, arrival: 11:00 a.m and 04:00 p.m. Include: guides, transport with a/c, entrances to the Waterfall, cost 35 US$. Walk to the Volcán Arenal: Exit: 08:00 a.m and 03:00 p.m, arrival: 12:00 m.d and 07:00 p.m. (later if passes to the thermal waters) it Includes: guides naturalistic bilingual, transport with a/c, entrances to the park and soda, cost 30 US$, and many local, international destinations and in the whole Country, reservations of hotels and tourist packages.


Info Center José Tel (506) 2479-9643 / 2479-9394 / Cellular (506) 8881-9870. E-mail: Open of 08:00 a.m to 10:00 p.m every day. It is contiguous clinical. Tours service in the area and to any part of the Country. Speak Spanish, English and French.


Bike Arenal Tel (506) 2479-9954/ 2479-8315, fax (506) 2479-9840. Call USA & Canada: 1-866-465-4114. E-mail: Located of the Park of the Fortuna 100 meters west and 150 meters north. Has of operating 16 years in Costa Rica and their base is in The Fortuna Volcán Arenal. With options of short or long tour, professional bicycles and guides, with support of vehicles equipped with water, drinks of fruits, first aids, reserves, tools, to application with lodging, and everything with the included feeding. With different prices and places to visit.


Arenal Sports Tel (506) 2479-9760/ Cellular (506) 8378-1422. Rent and sale of rafts “rafting “, oars, lifeboat, helmets, inflators, accessories, kayak, sandals, tennis, backpacks. Service of Internet.



El Congal Private Reserve Tel (506) 2479-7064. E-mail: It is an organization in charge of conserving the Volcán Arenal and Monteverde, protecting the area of 1100 hectares of the forest. It is low the plans of FONAFIFO (Plan Preservation Costa Rica) for the resources of the production, of the water, the oxygen and the preservation of the fauna and with a sustainable development with the nature.