Where to Sleep & Eat in Golfito?

Where to Sleep & Eat in Golfito?

Hotel Sierra Ph (506) 2775-0666/ 2775-0336, fax (506) 2775-0506.E-mail: hotelsierra@racsa.co.cr www.hotelsierra.com .Located next to the Golfito Free Deposit. Single/ double/ triple/ quadruple 44/ 49/ 54/ 59 US$, with a restaurant, two swimming pools and 72 rooms with air conditioning, private bathroom with hot water, Cable TV and 2 double beds.

Hotel El Gran Ceibo Ph (506) 2775-0403. E-mail: hotelelgranceibo@yahoo.com  www.hotelelgranceibo.com . It is the first hotel on the left hand side from the first entrance of Golfito, 4km for the Golfito deposit. Rooms with fan and 2 beds 18 US$, triple with fan 21 US$, A/C 31 US$ with air conditioning 4 people 29/ 36 US$, A Large room A/C, for 6 people 48 US$ per night. There are 15 rooms with a swimming pool, bar and restaurant.

Hotel Las Gaviotas Ph (506) 2775-0062, fax (506) 2775-0544. E-mail: gaviotas@racsa.co.cr www.resortlasgaviotas.com. Double: standard 42 US$, luxury 54 US$, bungalow 84 US$. Located 25 meters from the Gran Ceibo Hotel. It is in the middle of a tropical garden and has an excellent bar, meals between 6 and 12 US$, two swimming pools and a pier for boats. The 21 rooms have air conditioning, ceiling fan, Cable TV, small patios and a private bathroom with hot water. Three bungalows at 84 US$ for 5 people, with two bedrooms, two bathrooms and a kitchen with ocean views. With parking and a 24 hour security guard.

Hotel Delfina Ph (506) 2775-0043. Rooms 3 US$ per person, with bathroom 6US$. There are 17 rooms with fans and, five shared bathrooms. There are also another seven rooms with private bathrooms and fans.

Cabinas Mazuren Ph (506) 2775-0058. Located next to the Águila Azul stores. Rooms 5 US$ per person, with seven bedrooms, private bathrooms and fans.

Hotel Costa Rica Surf Ph/fax (506) 2775-0034.Rooms without/with bathroom 6/ 8 US$ per person. With 27 bedrooms, private bathrooms and fans. Three rooms have air conditioning and private bathrooms with hot water 13 US$ double. There is an open bar from 10:00 a.m to 12:00 p.m.

Hotel Golfito Ph (506) 2775-0047. Located in the center of Golfito near the Gas Station. Rooms for 3 people 22 US$. There are sea views with eight rooms with private bathrooms and fans, price for 2 people 11 US$, and six bedrooms with air conditioning, and a private bathroom with hot water 16 US$. Apartments for 4 people, with air conditioning and Cable TV 27 US$, and another apartment with fan and TV for 22 US$.

Hotel Restaurant Uno Ph (506) 2775-0061. Located in Golfito at the 1Km mark. It has 20 rooms priced at 3 US$ per person, with single beds, shared bathroom and parking. The restaurant serves Chinese food and chicken rice.

Hotel & Restaurant Samoa Ph (5067) 2775-0233/ 2775-0264, fax (506) 2775-0573, E-mail: samoasur@racsa.co.cr www.samoadelsur.com. Sites for caravans 8 US$ per vehicle, cabins for 4 people 50 US$. It is a building with a pyramid style roof to the north of the center. It is a hotel and a restaurant with 14 rooms with two large beds, television, telephone, air conditioning and private bathroom with hot water, there is also a swimming pool. The price for the campsite for caravans includes the use of the bathrooms and has 24 hour security.

Cabinas El Tucán Ph (506) 2775-0553. Located opposite the Pollo Rancho restaurant. With rooms at 7 US$ per person. Two hotels located next to each other, with private bathrooms.  El Tucán is the older one and has smaller rooms with fans and some with televisions. The Tucán Nº2, has cable television with air conditioning 16 US$. Some have rooms with a capacity for 6 to 10 people and a shared bathroom. There is also parking.

Hotel del Cerro Ph (506) 2775-0006, fax (506) 2775-0551. Located to the south of the park. Rooms with a shared bathroom 10 US$ per person, single/ double with fan and private bathrooms 15/ 20 US$, double with air conditioning, telephone and private bathroom with hot water 35 US$.

Cabinas Wilson Ph (506) 2775-0795. Rooms 9 US$, with fans and private bathrooms.

Cabinas Calara Ph (506) 2775-0124. Located 300 meters before the free deposit. Rooms 5 US$ per person. There are 12 rooms with with fans and private bathrooms, TV and parking.

Hotel Golfo Azul Ph (506) 2775-0871/ 2775-0004, fax (506) 2775-1849. E-mail: golfoazul@racsa.co.cr. Located behind the airport. Doubles/ quadruple 29/ 42 US$. There are 20 large rooms with air conditioning and a private bathroom and 6 rooms with  Cable TV at a price of 45 US$, the restaurant can serve breakfast if requested. With parking.

La Purruja Lodge Ph/fax (506) 2775-1054. E-mail: info@purruja.com www.purruja.com. Located to the southeast of the center, on the main road to Golfito. Camp sites 4 US$, double rooms 30 US$. With five cabins and a ceiling fan and private bathroom with hot water. Serving European food and transfers to Golfito.

Reserva Tití Ph (506) 2775-0165. Located in La Mora, 8 km to the southeast of  Golfito. Single/ double 25/ 35 US$. With two cabins, two floor cabins 45 US$ with fan and cooker.

Where to eat

Hotel Las Gaviotas Ph (506) 2775-0062. Open from 6:00 a.m to 10:00 p.m. The restaurant is located in the same hotel and serves a variety of dishes. A meal, lunch, dinner, prices from 6 to 12 US$.

Restaurant Mar y Luna Ph (506) 2775-0192. Located on the seafront. Main meals 5/ 8 US$, specialty is seafood and with great customer service. Serving fish, chips, shakes, chicken rice and casados.

Restaurant La Eurekita Ph (506) 2775-1616. Located on the main avenue, on a hill. They make great fruit drinks and Costa Rican specialties such as chicken rice and casados. Prices from 5 to 8 US$.

Café Coconuts Ph (506) 2775-0518. Open from 6:30 a.m to 8:00 p.m, offering internet access. It is a great place to exchange information. Serving casado and fruit refreshments, shakes and pasta. Prices from 5/ 8 US$.

Soda Muellecito. Located next to Muellecito, for breakfast, serving gallo pinto and traditional meals from 2.20 US$ and 3.30 US$.

Bar Restaurant Cazuelita Ph (506) 2775-0921. Main meals 5/ 8 US$, serving Chinese meals, chop suey, wan tang, prawns, fish and Cantonese rice.

Restaurant & Bar Río de Janeiro Ph (506) 2775-0509. Located 3.5 km from the village, main meals 5/ 12 US$. Serving hamburgers or fillet steaks 12 US$.