This village is located on the Sierpe river bank that snakes through almost 37.000 acres of marsh land and mangroves with ecosystems that have a diversity of animals and birds, such as the white faced monkeys and iguanas.

Activities in Sierpe River

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It is an area rich in history from the XVI century as well as natural history. It is said that Sir Francis Drake the first English sailor, sailed round the world and visited this bay in March of 1579. The bay is only a few kilometers to the north of the Corcovado National Park; you can visit it from here, as well as the Caño Island reserve.

Where to Surfing in Drake Bay?

Surf Spot # 76) BAHIA DRAKE:

This is a rock bottom left point break. It is not consistent because is a close bay, but has a short and juicy ride. Access: By boat or by 4 x 4 crossing the rivers during the low tide. Tide: Medium and up coming. Swells: South. Bottom: Sand. Feet: 2 to 6. Season: All year. Stars: 2.

Corcovado via Puerto Jimenez

From the Interamericana to Puerto Jiménez. A 78 km road joins the Interamericana in Chacarita where there is a gas station, with Puerto Jiménez. It is an asphalt road which is bad condition for about 45km of the way, this road will take you to the village of Rincón, continue for a further 33km along a gravel road until you reach Puerto Jiménez.


To the east, on the outskirts of the Corcovado National Park you will find Puerto Jiménez, the most important population on the Osa Peninsula which is also the entrance to the park. It is a pleasant place, with a good tourism infrastructure; there is also an ecotourism chamber that can recommend guides and they organize visits to the peninsula.

Where to Surfing in Cabo Matapalo

Surf Spot # 78) PLAYA CABO MATAPALO-MATAPALO (HOG HOLE): This beach is located inside Corcovado National Park. It is a world class wave that can hold any swell direction and any size. During low tide it has perfect tubes. “Quiebra Costillas” and high tide with very long runs and perfect wall 300 meters approximately. Access: By land. Tide: High or low. Swells: South – Southwest. Bottom: Reef. Feet: 4 to 15. Season: All year. Stars: 4.

Activities in Carate Beach

Location; We are nestled in between the palms and the beach in Carate. Carate is a remote part of the southern coast of the Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica located 42 kilometers from Puerto Jimenez. Beyond Matapalo you will find us down the road to the Corcovado National Park on the right just before the runway.


To the north of Golfo Dulce. Located on the west coast of the Golfo Dulce, is an area that is protected by islands and peninsulas that form a perfect port in the Gulf. In 1938, the United Fruit Company saw great potential in Golfito and built a cargo port.

Golfito National Refuge for Forest Wildlife

It has an extension of 2.810 hectares and was initially created to protect the Golfito basin, and includes almost all of the high hills that surround the city, there is a good number of botanical species, among them an Asian species Caryodaphnopsis, which does not exist in other areas of Central America, as well as species of Zamia, that belong to the cicadae family.


To the north of Golfo Dulce. To the north of Punta Encanto, San Josecito beach, it is a quiet place offering accommodation. There are boat taxis that depart from Golfito and go along the coast to the North east of Golfo Dulce, passing by some beaches.


To the south of Golfo Dulce. Next to the mouth of the Coto Colorado River, some 15 km to the south of Golfito, it is a sandy beach which is 6km long and has gentle waves. In the extreme south, the waves are large enough to go surfing.

How to arrive and leave Zancudo Beach

The best way to get here from Golfito is using the bus or the boat. It is also possible to drive from Golfito, taking the highway that passes some 10 km by the Claro River and taking a left turn when you get to Rodeo Bar; you will then need to continue for a further 10km along an asphalt road, the beginning of this route is in bad condition.

Where To Surfing in Pavones

Surf Spot # 82) PLAYA PAVONES:

This is a left point. This wave is known for being one of the best in the world. It is the second longest left in the world with a ride of more than one kilometer with big swells from the South, hollow and tubular waves in low tide and spectacularly long and excellent during high tide. Access: by land. Tide: Any tide. Swells: South. Bottom: Rocks. Feet: 2 to15. Season: All year. Stars: 4.

Tiskita Jungle Lodge Private Biological Reserve

It is an experimental farm dedicated to the cultivation of fruit located in Punta Banco, some 80 km to the south of Golfito, 6 km to the south of Pavones and 10 km on the border with Panamá. It has an extension of 160 hectares, with 100 hectares being primary rainforest. It also has a coastal line with natural swimming pools that fill up when the tide is in, and beaches that are perfect for swimming.