Drake Bay

Drake Bay It is an area rich in history from the XVI century as well as natural history. It is said that Sir Francis Drake the first English sailor, sailed round the world and visited this bay in March of 1579. The bay is only a few kilometers to the north of the Corcovado National […]

Cocalito Beach

Cocalito Beach Some kilometers from the village, there is a road that takes you to Cocalito Beach. The majority of this coastal area is rocky, this beach is best for swimming, during low tide.   How to arrive and leave By Plane Flights to Bahía Drake.   SANSA Ph (506) 2221-9414. E-mail: reservations@flysansa.com www.flyansa.com. International […]

From Drake Bay to Corcovado

From Drake Bay to Corcovado You can walk from Bahía Drake to Corcovado, along the coast, it will take you around four to seven hours to arrive at the San Pedrillo forest post, and from there the footpaths continue through the park. Low tide is best for trips along the coast.

Caño Island Biological Reserve

Caño Island Biological Reserve It is located in the Pacific Ocean, opposite the Corcovado National Park in the Osa Peninsula, approximately 15 hours out to sea from San Pedrillo and 20 km to the west of Drake. Created by the Law Nº 6215 on the 9th of March 1978. It has an extension of 200 […]

Corcovado National Park

Corcovado National Park It is located on the Pacific Coast. Peninsula de Osa. Created by executive decree Nº 5357ª, on the 24th of October 1975. With an extension of 54.538.9 hectares on land and 2400 hectares of sea. It is an important sanctuary of biodiversity and species that are in danger of extinction. Information Ph […]

To Corcovado via Puerto Jiménez

To Corcovado via Puerto Jiménez From the Interamericana to Puerto Jiménez A 78 km road joins the Interamericana in Chacarita where there is a gas station, with Puerto Jiménez. It is an asphalt road which is bad condition for about 45km of the way, this road will take you to the village of Rincón, continue […]

Dos Brazos

Dos Brazos Some 21 kms from La Palma and 4 km before Puerto Jiménez, a turnoff to the right takes you along an 8km road to Dos Brazos, a village dedicated to gold mining and agriculture. How to arrive and leave A mini bus taxi cab is located opposite the Súper 96, in Puerto Jiménez, […]

Puerto Jiménez

Puerto Jiménez To the east, on the outskirts of the Corcovado National Park you will find Puerto Jiménez, the most important population on the Osa Peninsula which is also the entrance to the park. It is a pleasant place, with a good tourism infrastructure; there is also an ecotourism chamber that can recommend guides and […]

Playa Carate

Playa Carate Some 45 km along a dirt road that runs along the Osa Peninsula until it ends in Carate, close to the Corcovado National Park. The road is transitable but you will need a 4X4.  

Osa Information

Information La Capitanía de Puerto Ph/fax (506) 2775-0487, office hours from Monday to Friday  7:30 a.m to 4:00 p.m, the port captain is available after 4:00 p.m. The Migration Office Ph (506) 2775-0423, Located on the first floor of the U.C.R after the hospital, open from 8:00 a.m to 4:00 p.m.   The Post Office […]

How to arrive and leave (Osa)

How to arrive and leave By Plane The airport is 4km from the center.   SANSA Ph (506) 221-9414. E-mail: reservations@flysansa.com www.flyansa.com. International Airport Juan Santamaría, flyer 610, departure 5:30, arrive 6:53, flyer 2610, departure 5:45, arrive 6:45, flyer 612, departure 11:00, arrive 12:00, flyer 614, departure 13:00, arrive 14:00, price 82 US$   Nature […]

Cacao Beach

Cacao Beach This beach is opposite Golfito, and the views of the bay and the port and surrounding rainforest make this an interesting journey by boat. How to arrive and leave The journey on boat from Golfito lasts only 5 minutes and costs 2 US$ per person.  

Golfito National Refuge for Forest Wildlife

Golfito National Refuge for Forest Wildlife It has an extension of 2.810 hectares and was initially created to protect the Golfito basin, and includes almost all of the high hills that surround the city, there is a good number of botanical species, among them an Asian species Caryodaphnopsis, which does not exist in other areas […]

To the north of Golfo Dulce

To the north of Golfo Dulce There are boat taxis that depart from Golfito and go along the coast to the North east of Golfo Dulce, passing by some beaches. At the edge of the coast there is a protected rainforest from the Piedras Blancas National Park.   San Josecito Beach To the north of […]

To the south of Golfo Dulce

To the south of Golfo Dulce Zancudo Beach Next to the mouth of the Coto Colorado River, some 15 km to the south of Golfito, it is a sandy beach which is 6km long and has gentle waves. In the extreme south, the waves are large enough to go surfing. There are mangroves in the […]


Pavones Between the mouth of the Coto River to the south of Golfito and Punta Banco, where the coast goes out to sea before the Panamanian border, there is one of the most secluded beaches in Costa Rica. With an extension of 8 kilometers, and an excellent place to go surfing, on the Pacific Central […]


OSA PENINSULA AND GOLFO DULCE Extending out more than 50 kilometers into the Pacific, it protects Golfo Dulce from the tides and creates a magnificent natural port. Here you will find picturesque beaches and rocky Mountains; this area is also irrigated by the rivers and streams that contain water from the waterfalls that are scattered […]