Distance from San José, 233 kilometers. It was declared a county on the 17th of March 1970. With a surface of 1.358.88 Km2, and 43 meters altitude, it is bordered with Nicaragua, 3 Km, to the west with the counties of Upala and Guatuso and to the east and the south with the county of San Carlos. The main road is asphalt and is in good condition. The main attractions are the wetlands and the Gaspar fish considered to be a living fossil, that existed 120.000 years ago, you can only find these in the Río San Juan and its streams. It looks like half a crocodile and half a fish and can reach 1.5 meters in length.  Los Llanos Medio Queso are located in the northern region of Huetar, specifically the alluvial plains, that cover the lowest part of the Río Medio Queso,  with an extension of approximately 35 and  40 km2, it is considered to be an area of great ecological importance, because of the rich biodiversity of species.


SERVITUR Ph (506) 2471-1496. Its offices are located in the Cabinas Jabirú. They have a lot of knowledge of the surrounding area; as well as well known trips to Caño Negro, the observation of traditional agricultural techniques and a traditional lunch. Other guided expeditions, some with accommodation that are organized include:  Trip to Solentiname 350 US$ boat transportation for a group of 10 people, accommodation and food 80 US$ per extra person to the Nicaraguan lake 40 US$ per person a day, to the Nicaragua castle 400 US$ boat transportation and 100 US$ extra per person all included. A half day circuit to Caño Negro and lunch costs 80 US$ for two people.

La Laguna del Lagarto Lodge

The lodge is situated within 500 hectares of tropical rainforest, you can walk through paradise alone or if you want you can go with a local guide along more than 10 km of signposted footpaths where you will be able to see poisonous frogs, red as well as green and black (Dendrodates pumilio and D. Auratus), parrots, golden orioles, caimans and an incredible variety of trees and plants. More than 365 species of birds have been recognized here among them the Green Parrot (Ara Ambigua), which you will only find in this area.  

Where to eat and sleep

La Laguna del Lagarto Lodge Ph (506) 2289-8163, Ph/fax (506) 2289-5295. E-mail: info@lagarto-lodge-costa-rica.com www.lagarto-lodge-costa-rica.com. Low season single / double/ triple 52/ 39/ 60 US$. High season single / double/ triple 52/ 69/ 79 US$. Breakfast, lunch and dinner 6 / 12 US$ price per person. There are 20 comfortable rooms, with private bathrooms with hot water and fans. The panoramic restaurant offers a traditional Costa Rican menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner.