Guatuso Area

Los Guatusos Plains

The counties of Upala, Los Chiles and Guatuso. San José is 236 Km from Upala, 233 Km from Los Chiles and 245 Km from San Rafael de Guatuso. Upala, the main city, is situated on the left bordering the Rio Zapote, flowing from the Nicaragua Lake, which you can get to by boat. It is a very picturesque village, as the river flows past houses, forming pools where the locals bathe. The rivers in the area are abundant in Guapote and Gaspar fish.

The area of San Rafael de Guatuso

It is known locally as Guatuso, which crosses the Río Frío, and is located 19 km to the northeast of Nuevo Arenal, arriving here via a dirt road of 40 km to the northeast of La Fortuna, via an asphalt road with panoramic views of the Arenal Volcano to the south. Some 10km before San Rafael, there is a gravel route of 10 km that leads to Venado, a good place for a one day visit, there are also cabins here.