Caño Negro Area

The area of Caño Negro

At Muelle de San Carlos Dock there are two paved roads that lead towards the northern plains, one towards the area of Caño Negro and towards the northeast, to San Rafael and to Upala, whilst the other route, that heads north leads to Los Chiles. 

Muelle de San Carlos

It is a village located on the crossroads; one of the first routes leads to the Río San Carlos and is navigable. On the highway, there is a gas station which is open 24 hours. 

How to arrive and leave

By Bus

The buses to and from San Rafael de Guatuso and Los Chiles can stop in Muelle.

By Car

There are highways that go to the north to Los Chiles 74 Km away, to the east to Aguas Zarcas 22 km and Puerto Viejo de Sarapiqui is 55 km away, to the south to Ciudad Quesada 21 km away and to San José 124 km away, to the west to Fortuna 28 km away and to Arenal Volcano, and to the northeast to San Rafael de Guatuso, a cross point for several routes, 58 km away,.