Where to Sleep & Eat Cañas?

Where to Sleep & Eat Cañas?

Cañas Hotel Ph (506) 2669-0039. E-mail: hotelcanas@racsa.co.cr. Located on 2nd Street, on the corner with 3rd Avenue. Single/ double with bathroom and fan 12.50/ 18.50 US$, single/ double/ triple, 17/ 28/ 31 US$, with air-conditioning, television and bathrooms with hot water.  It has a restaurant.

Nuevo Hotel Cañas Ph (506) 2669-5118/ 2669-1294, Ph/fax (506) 2669-1722.  E-mail: hotelcañas@racsa.co.cr. Located 25 meters east of the Cañas post office. Single/ double/ triple/ quadruple rooms  28/ 45/ 59/ 67 US$. It has twenty bedrooms with air conditioning, Cable TV and bathrooms with hot water. It also has a swimming pool and a Jacuzzi.

Gran Hotel. Located to the northeast of the park, offering rooms with shared bathrooms for 8 US$ per person, double with private bathroom 7 US$.

Cabinas Corobicí Ph (506) 2669-0241. Located on 2nd Avenue, close to 5th Street, Rooms with bathrooms for 7 US$ per person.

Hotel El Corral Ph (506) 2669-1467/ 2669-0622, Ph/fax (506) 2669-1722. Rooms with bathroom and air conditioning 15/ 30 US$ per person. Located on the side of the Interamerican. It has 28 rooms and 20 have cable TV, only three of the rooms have hot water. It also has a restaurant. 

Hotel Central Ph (506) 2669-0070 and Hotel el Parque. There are telephones and suites both with balconies that look out onto the park and have shared bathrooms, price 3.50 US$ per person. The first also has four rooms with private bathrooms: single / double 6/ 11 US$.

Hotel Capazzuri Ph (506) 2669-6280. E-mail: capazuri@racsa.co.cr. Single/ double/ triple/ quadruple with bathroom and full breakfast 28/ 50/60/ 78 US$. Located on the Interamerican, 2 Km to the north of Cañas. It has 18 rooms with a fan, television and private bathroom. It also has a swimming pool.

Hacienda las Pacifica Ph (506) 2669-6050, fax (506) 2669-6055. E-mail:rcarrera@pacificacr.com. Located 5Km to the north of Cañas via the Interamerican. It is a lodge, a natural reserve and has a hotel with 30 rooms, private bathrooms with hot water and a fan, 60 US$ for three people, a restaurant with meals from 7/ 12 US$.

Rincón Corobicí Ph  (506) 2669-1234/ 2669-0303, fax (506) 2669-2121. Snacks 2 US$, dishes 7/ 12 US$. Open everyday from 08:00 a.m to 07:00 p.m. It is located 5 Km to the north of Cañas, on the bank of the Corobicí. There is a terrace with views of the river and the garden and a natural footpath next to the bank and it is also possible to swim in the river.