Lomas de Barbudal Biological Reserve

Lomas de Barbudal Biological Reserve

It is a dry tropical forest on an island, it is uneven sparsely covered by forests that function as shelter for monkeys, coyotes, and also a range of migratory birds such as the Whistling and royal herons. The colored parrots come from the nearby northern Palo Verde, which visit the park frequently, and has more than 230 species of birds. With many trees such as the caoba, the sándalo and the cocobolo. The best time to visit is during the month of March, when the yellow corteza tree is completely covered in flowers of the same color. The Central Offices are located on the River Banks of the Río Cabuyo, offering information and picnic tables. There are footpaths that run along the river and there are several pools to swim. Founded in 1986, Lomas Barbudal occupies some 2.270 hectares.


Ph (506) 2671-1029. The reserve has a museum and a center for information.  The protected area is located after the museum, to the other side of the Rio Cabuyo; you have to cross on foot. The other way is to drive to the right towards San Ramón de Bagaces some 2 Km away, and continue along the edge of the reserve, this route joins after the Bagaces – Palo Verde stretch of road. MINAE is in charge of the reserve and forms part of the ACT.

How to arrive and leave

The detour via the Interamerican Highway: through the village called Pijije, 10 Km to the north of Bagaces and 16 Km to the south of Liberia. It is a 30 minute journey along a stone road. You will then reach the Parks Central Offices; some routes have more potholes than others and can only be accessed using a 4X4.