La Amistad Bridge

La Amistad Bridge  (Bridge of Friendship with Taiwan)

Some 23 Km to the south of Cañas, take the exit off the Interamerican, to the west where the Shell Gas Station is situated. Drive along the paved road until you arrive at the Puente de la Amistad some 25 Kms away. The cars that take this route from San José to the Nicoya Peninsula, have a much shorter journey off 110 Km, because of the bridge, instead of taking the Interamerican highway to Liberia; Buses also travel via this route to the beaches of the peninsula. It was officially inaugurated on the 25th of July 2003 the anniversary of the joining of the Nicoya Peninsula to Costa Rica, and the passage was opened on the 9th of April 2004, the following day the Ministry suspended the operations of the Tempisque Ferry that was, for four decades, the main service between the Níspero and Moreno Ports. The bridges length is 780 meters with a width of 13.3 meters, with room for two vehicles 9 meters in width and with barriers of 0.5 meters on either sides and footpaths of 1.65 meters on both sides. It is located 4.9 kilometers from the confluence of the Rió Bebedero. There is a viewpoint; it is prohibited to park on the bridge.