Biological Stations of Investigation Cacao Maritza Pitilla

Biological Stations of Investigation Cacao Maritza Pitilla

There are three biological stations in the park. In these areas you can go on excursions and observe wildlife.  

Cacao Biological Station 

Located on the highest part of the volcano slopes at 1.060 m., you access this area via the south side of the park from Potrerillos, 9 Km from the entrance of Santa Rosa via the Interamerican, by car you will need to drive 7 Km east on an asphalt road until you reach the village of Quebrada Grande, leaving your vehicle on the south bank of the Río Góngora you will then need to walk to the biological station. Everyday at 03:00 p.m, a bus leaves Liberia to Quebrada Grande; from the plaza of the village, a road for 4X4 vehicles that heads north leads to the station some 10 Km away.

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Martiza Biological Station

It has a modern laboratory. To get here take the turnoff to Maritza which is 50 Km to the north of Liberia on the Interamerican highway to the east, opposite the exit to Cujiniquil and then continue 17 Km on a dirt road, you will need a 4X4. Especially during the rainy season, at the entrance there is a pronounced curve.  From the station at 600 meters altitude there are difficult footpaths that lead in the direction of the summits of  the Orosí and Cacao Volcanoes, five or six hours away on foot. A path in better condition will take you on a two hour journey to explore the Llano de los Indios, with old petroglyphs in El Hacha.

Pitilla Biological Station

Located on the east side of the continental division and its rivers flow into the Carribean sea. If you travel via the Interamerican to will need to turn east 12 Km to the north of the   Cuajiniquil exit, or 3 Km before arriving at  the village of  La Cruz; There is 28 Km between this point and Santa Cecilia. In this area there is a dirt road that leads to the station via the south. You might need a 4X4.