It is an old village with adobe houses that are caracterized by their whitish volcanic in origin floors, located 22 Km to the northeast of Cañas via the nteramericana and 190 Km from San José. It was the fourth area when it was founded a county on the 7th of December 1848, Bagaces borders the province of Alajuela to the north, with the county of Upala. There is no exit to the sea but it does sit next to Liberia, Carrillo, Cañas, Nicoya  and a small part with Santa Cruz, Tilarán. There are four districts: Bagaces, Fortuna, Mogote (Guayabo), Río Naranjo.


The Tempisque area of conservation ACT, Ph (506) 2671-1290/ 671-1455, Ph/fax (506) 2671-1062, Open from Monday to Friday from 8.00 a.m to 4:00 p.m. The office has ofrest agents. National Refuge of Wildlife, Dr. Rafael Lucas Rodríguez Caballero. Located infront of the Interamericana, on the way to the main park. Within the county there is: Palo Verde National Park, of great importance because it is the most humid within the tropical dry forest area, it extends along the left border with the Tempisque river, close to the mouth of the river. Isla Pájaros is also located in the middle of the Tempisque River, which has now become a sandbank.  Inside the park there are: Two natural viewpoints, the hilltops Catalina and Guayacán where you will be able to see a large portion of the Guanacaster area. La Cueva del Tigre in the Refuge.  The Hueca rock in the park.  The Lomas de Barbudal Biological reserve, that is rich in species of insects, particularly bees, wasps and nocturnal butterflies.  The Miravalles Volcano, which is an extinct volcano, but you can find the smoking cones which are know as little ovens, in this area there is a geothermic project that is taking place in the Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad (ICE) (Costa Rican Institute of Electricity). The county of Bagaces has recieved the title of the ecological county for the protection and conservation of natural resources.





Banco Nacional Ph (506) 2671-1047 / 2671-1755 / 2671-1330, Ph/fax (506) 2671-1045. Located contiguous to the Municipality of Bagaces. Open from Monday to Friday of 08:30 a.m to 03:45 p.m. With currency change and automatic cashier.


Banco de Costa Rica Ph (506) 2671-2522 / 2671-1219, Ph/fax (506) 2671-2166. Located 300 meters north of the post office of Costa Rica. Open from Monday to Friday of 9:00 a.m to 4:00 p.m. With currency change and automatic cashier.


How to arrive and leave

The bus terminal is 100 meters north of the bank. The services to Liberia and Cañas stop opposite the entrance to the village.