Activities Miravalles Volcano

Activities Miravalles Volcano

Volcanic Activity: The history of the Miravalles-Guayabo volcanoes is as follows:  Quaternary: The making of several basaltic volcanoes “volcano Guayabo”. Between 1.6 and 0.6 millions of years:  Clouds of gas and ash (ignimbrites) and subsidence of the  Guayabo volcano. Refill from the calderic depression. Some 400.000 years ago: Renewal of volcanic actibity and the beginning of the volcanic Macizo Cabro Muco-La Giganta. Some 10.000 years ago: Growth of the Paleo-Miravalles, migration of volcanic actibity towards the southeast and the development of the lower calderic structure. Some  8.200 years ago: Development of the present Miravalles cone. Large lava flows and avalanches that generate hot lahars (mud flows). Some 8.000 years ago: Lava trails and piroclastic deposits.  In 1946 (14th of September): geothermic flows in the subsoil provoke a small phreatic explision on the southeast flank of the Miravalles.

Sistems of Volcano Vigilence: At volcano Miravalles ICE has 6 seismic stations and a  accelerograph  located at the Miravalles Geothermic Camp,  as well as a network of 10 stations of dry inclinometry, studies of exact levels and microgravity. The OSIVAM monitor the seismic activity around this volcano (siesmic statiosn and strong movement equipment).

What to take

Insect repellent, closed shoes, towel, sandals, binoculars, camera or camcorder, hat and swimsuit.   

What to do

The area of Miravalles offers some very attractive tourist attractions such as: A visit to the village of Cuipilapa. With the cleanest river in Guanacaste, one of the five cleanest rivers in  Costa Rica.  Visit the small church built more than fifty years ago. The Little Ovens: live the magic and the adventure of walking through an active volcanoe of more the 2.500 meters squared, active mud pools with temperatures of up to 240 degrees. Sulphur smoking cones of different colours and volcanic vapor, pools of volcanic clay, smoking cones and boiling water springs. The Canopy. The adventure and fanasty of flying in the middle of the rainforest. It is one of the best attractions of the area, horseback riding, with views of the peak of the volcanoe, enjoy the panoramic view of the Golf of Papagayo and the Nicaragua lake. The volcanoe Mirvalles has a variety of complex flora and fauna from Costa Rica; it has three well defined microclimates a. – High Barren Plains b. Humid Tropical Forest c. Dry Forest. Visit the gallery: The sculptor Tony Jiménez; youngster from the area whose work transpasses borders, carved works in wood, stone and wax. A visit to the Geotérmico Miravalles Project and watching the plant activity, which are scattered at the foot of the mountains and represent an interesting attraction to the visitors. Country life is part of the scenic richness of Miravalles, looking at flocks of cattle, trips on cart and seeing agricultural jobs being carried out but the oxen as well as the agricultural and dairy activity. Which makes Miravalles an amazing tourist area that is very attractive to any tourist from whatever part of the world. 

Tour Miravalles

It is an adventure tour that is carried out in part on horseback and in part on foot to the crater of the Miravalles volcanoe, on the way to a rural and picturesque village, and then faros with grazing land until you reach the peak, enjoying the flora and fauna until you get to the view point that are approximatly 2 hours away, this is where you leave the horses, form then on you will continue the tour on foot, through a primary rain forest with a great diversity of plants, birds and butterflies until you reach the peak which is 2.028 meters above sea level, you will find a minature mossy cold forest. The tour to Miravalles is a one day tour, which lasts about eight hours and costs 45 US$ per person, it includes a local guide, lunch in the countryside, water and a horse.

Tour to Mirador de los Sitios

Is an observation tour and photgraphy tour, it is done on horseback, the viewpoint is 1.150 meters above sea level and you will be able to see the plañís of the foothills of the Miravalles, the Geothermic Project in its full extention, and with a clear sky you will also be able to see the Nicaragua lake, the Gulf of Papagayo and the Rincón de la Vieja volcano. It is a 3 ½ tour that can be carried out in the morning or in the afternoon at a cost of 20 US$ per person, including, guide, water and horse. Camping tour. This tour with an exit at 12:00 m.d, you will travel on foot to a camping area accompanied by an experience guide and you will camp halfway through your journey to the volcanoe. The guide will transport on horseback all of your bafsm tents and food, leaving you free to enjoy the flora and fauna of the area. After the tents have been pitched, you will be able to enjoy the footpaths through the rainforest. The camping area is next to one of the most impressive viewpoints where you will be able to look down onto the foothills of the Miravalles volcano. It is an ideal place to watch the sunset. Feel free to make a fireplace and enjoy the sensation of camping in the forest. The next day you will begin your ascent up to the crater 6:00 a.m until you get to the highest point and return at  2:00 p.m stopping for lunch, put away tents, so that the guide can bring them back. Arriving at the center at 4:00 p.m. There is water available from the natural springs, but do bring extra water. They do not supply tents, but they do have lanterns. It is 60 US$ per persona. There are also four cabins with a double bed, private bathroom with hot water, fan , independent corredors with views of the volcanoe, prcied at 20 US$.

Restaurant: It is a place with a nice environment, a rustic ranch in theopen air with a Costa Rican type buffet.  Open from 7:00 a.m to 5:00 p.m everyday. There is a swimming pool that is suitable for adults, a childrens play area, the water is 100% natural and is extracted from a natural spring, no additives or cleaning products have been added. There is therapeutic water that is cler and cold. There is a camping area of a thousand meters squred that is close to the restaurant with bathrooms and toilets. When you use the camping area feel free to use the swimming pool and take strolls through the footpaths. You can also bring barbeques and coolers, at a cost of 5 US$ per person.

Footpaths: 200 meters away from the main installations, located on the footpaths that have their own natural attractions, they have also installed ranches where you can rest and look at the forest that is full of butterflies, birds and other animals, there is also a footpath that has a chilatnate tree of 15 meters in height, you are able to climb inside it, until you get to the heighest point.