This is a beach with good rights and lefts. It works well with small swells. Although it is not well known, there are good waves here. Access: By land. Tide: Low up coming tide. Swells: North – Northwest. Bottom: Sand. Feet: 3 to 5. Season: December to March. Stars: 3.

GPS Latitude 9.9975209, Longitude -85.7132206

Costa Rican Hotels Ostional Playa

How to get Here?

By Car

The refuge begins in Nosara beach, 8 km to the south east of Ostional beach.  The road is not asphalt but it’s transitable, but you will need to cross several streams and during the rainy season you will need a 4X4 and it is not always possible to pass. To follow the route between the village and Nosara beach you will need to turnoff shortly before arriving at La Paloma supermarket. After driving for 400 meters, take a right turn and continue of a further 400 meters and then cross a bridge over the Río Nosara. There you will find a triple crossing; take the right turn and continue for another 1.2 Km until you get to a new triple crossing, you will need to take a left turn here. Drive for a further 6km north until you reach Ostional. The road that runs from Santa Cruz shortly before Paraíso, and that runs to the south until you get to Ostional, is in similar conditions: it is transitable during the dry season, although you will need to cross several streams, but in the rainy season you will need a 4X4 and it is not always possible to cross.

By Bus

The route from Santa Cruz to Ostional leaves everyday at 12:00 m.d, from the Central Market, passing by the village of  27 de abril, Río seco, Lagarto beach, Marbella, and Juanillo and Ostional, the journey takes 2:30 hours, and costs 2.30 US$. Leaving Ostional at 5:00 a.m, departing from opposite the Cabinas Guacamaya.


Hotel Luna Azul Ph + (506) 2682-1400  Located in Ostional – San Juanillo, Guanacaste, Costa Rica. LUNA AZUL is a charming Boutique Hotel, Health and Nature Lodge located in Playa Ostional on Costa Rica’s northwest Pacific Coast. Its close vicinity to the world famous turtle beach of Ostional makes Luna Azul the ultimate place for the observation of the big “arribadas” when hundreds of thousands of marine sea turtles are landing at night for nesting.

Hotel Villas Punta India Set in the beautiful countryside outside San Juanillo, Villas Punta India is set 0.6 mi from Playa Ostional Beach. It features attractive villas, an outdoor swimming pool and a restaurant. Each spacious 2-story villa at Villas Punta India has a terrace overlooking the Punta India’s grounds. All villas have a seating area with a sofa, and a kitchen with a fridge, coffee maker and an electric hob. Guests can enjoy a range of Costa Rican cuisine in the Punta’s restaurant. Set in a large thatched hut, it offers views of the Nicoya Peninsula.

Cabinas Ostional Ph +  (506) 2682-0428. Located in the center of Ostional, 70 meters from the beach. We offer seven rooms with showers and a nice back yard. We are located next to the restaurant in town. This is a paradise for surfers because of the big and strong waves, but beware for strong rip tides.  It has 6 rooms: double/ triples/ quadruple, 15 US$ per person. The rooms have a private bathroom with warm water, fan, parking and a soda opposite.

Cabinas Guacamaya Ostional Ph + (506) 2682-0430.  Located in Ostional 150 meters south of the Plaza. It has four double rooms 15 US$ per person, private bathroom with warm water and parking.

Hacienda Del Sol Wellness Center Ph USA: +1 (435) 659-8279 / Ph + CR: + 011-506 7011-3765. It is a Forest Refuge that is based in the region of Guanacaste in Costa Rica. It specializes in offering groups, mainly raw and organic food to help cure and heal. Within two months you will receive a certificate in giving lessons in Relaxation and life meditation, the price for meals is 80 US$, and it can also be hired for  20 US$ per person, meals not included.

Soda Mar Azul Ph/cell + (506) 8831-9534. Located opposite the Guide Post at the entrance to the Ostional Turtles. Meals from 1.20 US$ to 3.60 US$. Hamburgers, corndogs, crepes, fried chicken. Main meals; Rice with Chicken or prawns, casados with chicken, pork chops, fish or steak. Specializing in spaghetti with white sauce, chicken in wine. Breakfast, lunch and dinner. Natural refreshments, fizzy drinks, wine and coffee. The owners Carlos and Cecilia, can provide information about visits to see the turtles.

Soda Surfo Ph + (506) 2682-0429, Ph/Cellular + (506) 8387-2051.Located diagonal to the plaza. Offering traditional food, hamburgers, tacos, and gallos, natural and fizzy drinks. Chicken rice, Cantonese rice, fish, chicken, meat to your taste, chops, from 1 US$ to 3 US$.