5) TAMARINDO ESTUARY: This is a left that comes out of the Beach Break in Tamarindo, with occasional rights. This beach can become excellent with swells from the Northwest. The wave is moderately strong. Access: By land. Tide: Low and up coming. Swells: Northwest and North. Bottom: Sandy. Feet: 1 to 5. Season: December to […]

Spot #11 – PLAYA NEGRA

11) PLAYA NEGRA:One of the best rights in Costa Rica. A world class right point break. Really good barrels. Works better with a moderate off- shore. Access: By land. Tide: You can surf any tide. Swells: Northwest-Southwest. Bottom: Rock. Feet: 1 to10. Season: December to March. Stars: 4. GPS Latitude 10.194416, Longitude -85.830367 NEGRA BEACH […]


13) PLAYA JUNQUILLAL:It has very good rights and lefts. Works much better with small and medium waves. Is known for its very clean and open waves. Access: By land. Tide: Any. Swells: North and Northwest. Bottom: Sand. Feet: 3 to 5. Season: December to March. Stars: 3. GPS Latitude 10.167668, Longitude -85.813907 JUNQUILLAL BEACH It […]


14) MARBELLA BEACH:The best beach break in the north pacific, here you will find peaks, which are very good, lefts and rights, along the beach. This place works very well with small and medium swells; during the low tide and with off-shore wind some incredible tubes might appear. To the south of this beach, there […]


15) PLAYA OSTIONAL:This is a beach with good rights and lefts. It works well with small swells. Although it is not well known, there are good waves here. Access: By land. Tide: Low up coming tide. Swells: North – Northwest. Bottom: Sand. Feet: 3 to 5. Season: December to March. Stars: 3. GPS Latitude 9.9975209, […]


21) PLAYA CARRILLO: This is a remote beach and very difficult to access. There are good right and left waves in this beach, but nothing special. Access: By land. Tide: Medium up coming. Swells: South -Southwest. Bottom: Sand. Feet: 2 to 6. Season: May to November. Stars: 3. GPS Longitude 9.8683972, Longitude -85.4961312 Located some […]