Where to Surfing from Coco beach traveling to Witch Rock – Naranjo Beach?

Where to Surfing  from Coco beach traveling to  Witch Rock – Naranjo Beach?

Guanacaste and the Nicoya Peninsula from the Surf Spot N° 1 Ollie’s Point up to N° 41) Las Pangas – Playa Montezuma: you can catch the best waves from September until March. Even though there are waves all year round these are the best months for the region since winds blow in from the east during this time of year. These winds are known as off shore winds. It’s also the best time to get access to the area since the rainy season is from the months of March through to September and most of the surf spots are only accessible with the use of a 4 x 4 vehicle. The Pacific North coast is blessed with off shore winds and is notorious for easily trapping Northwest swells. When these two elements come together they form a most magical coast line.

It is one of the most well known places in the North Pacific; many surfers agree that this is the best right in Costa Rica. It is a completely perfect right point, with off-shore winds almost all year round. Access: Only by boat from Playas del Coco. Tide: Works very nicely with low tide and up coming tide. It also works with high tide, depending on the movement of the sand produced by the mouth of the river and the rain. Swells: North and Northwest. Bottom: Sand and rocks. Feet: 2 to 8. Season: December to March. Stars: 4.


Located in Santa Rosa National Park. Named accordingly because of the sounds that can be heard inside the cracks of this huge rock, which sound similar to the screams of a witch. This rock is located in the north end of Playa Naranjo. To the side of the Naranjo River, there is a small section of river rocks. Crocodiles have been seen at the river mouth and out in the ocean. This beach is known for its perfect peaks and its off-shore winds. With north swells and an off-shore wind it becomes a magical place. Access: By road 4 x 4. Tide:works well with a rising tide. Swells: Works with waves from north to northwest. Bottom: Sandy. Feet: 2 to 8. Season: December to March. Stars: 4.



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Papagayo Gulf Sport Fishing – North Pacific Tours  Ph + (506) 8398-8129. E-mail: fish@northpacifictours.com https://www.northpacifictours.com. Providing Sport Fishing Charters 12+ years in the Papagayo Gulf, Costa Rica. Specialize in live bait fishing. Take a Trip You’ll Never Forget. North Pacific Tours has been providing tours to individuals, families and groups since 2006 and are located in one of the oldest fishing villages of Costa Rica – Playas del Coco – also known as “Coco Beach”. We are 25 minutes from the Liberia International Airport located in the province of Guanacaste. Create memories and experience an amazing time out on the waters of the Papagayo Gulf known for its amazing fishing, surfing and snorkeling in all of Costa Rica! If you are a pro-angler, first-time fisherman, or taking your family out for a snorkeling tour, you will not be disappointed. Anytime out on the water with us is a good time! Fishing trips are perfect for the entire family. These waters are home to some of the most sought after trophy fish every fisherman wishes to land – Marlin, Sail, Mahi Mahi aka Dorado, Rooster, Wahoo, Grouper, Snappers, Jacks and Tuna which you can read more on our Species of Fish page and see when they are running in the Papagayo Gulf. Experience the perfect Pacific waves of Roca Bruja / Witches Rock and Ollie’s Point, located in northern part of Costa Rica.

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Rich Coast Diving Ph (506) 2670-0176. E-mail: dive@richcoastdiving.com www.richcoastdiving.com.  Located on the main street in Coco Beach. Offering trips on Trimaran (multi hulled boat) and on light fishing boats to go scuba diving: there are 22 places to go scuba diving in the area, on a Trimaran equipped with marine radio, telephone, cell phone, emergency equipment, oxygen and bathrooms.  The tour in the morning leaves at 8:30 a.m and returns at 1:00 p.m, the tour in the afternoon leaves at 2:00 p.m and returns at 4:00 p.m (minimum of 2 people) and the night tour leaves at 5:00 p.m and returns at approximately  8:00 p.m, (minimum of 2 people). A scuba diving tour to Catalinas Islands: Departs 7:00 a.m and returns 2:00 p.m, on a very fast boat with two motors 225 hp, marine radio, cell phone, emergency equipment, oxygen, bathroom. As well as local scuba diving, weights, dive masters, snacks, and drinks are included. The main attractions of the island are the giant manta rays. The snorkeling tour runs alongside the scuba diving tours and equipment is included. Prices from 7/ 525 US$. Has a store with equipo de buceo, snorkeling, paintings of the underwater world. Coffee, tea, and queque and also changes books, internet service Wireless, sale of books to dive and of tourism, souvenir, diving, movies in the afternoon, hammocks, comfortable chair. They speach Spanish, English, Dutch, German, French, squares and submarine pictures. Rent a car.

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Deep Blue Diving Ph (506) 2670-1004/ 2670-1052. E-mail: deepblue@racsa.co.cr http://www.deepblue-diving.com/. Located in the main street of the town in the Hotel Coco verde. Organize trips diving and snorkeling, prices local 45/ 55 US$, island Catalina 85/ 110 US$, island Murcielago 150/ 185 US$, courses of certified PADI from 145 US$ to 450 US$. Offers diving packages and fishing one day 750 US$, and half-day 500 US$.

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