Where to Sleep & Eat in Ostional Beach?

Where to Sleep & Eat in Ostional Beach?

Cabinas Ostional Tel (506) 2682-0428.Located in the center of Ostional, 70 meters from the beach. It has 6 rooms: double/ triples/ quadruple, 6 US$ per person. The rooms have a private bathroom with warm water, fan, parking and a soda opposite.

Soda Mar Azul Ph/cell (506) 8831-9534. Located opposite the Guide Post at the entrance to the Ostional Turtles. Meals from 1.20 US$ to 3.60 US$. Hamburgers, corndogs, crepes, fried chicken. Main meals; Rice with Chicken or prawns, casados with chicken, pork chops, fish or steak. Specializing in spaghetti with white sauce, chicken in wine. Breakfast, lunch and dinner. Natural refreshments, fizzy drinks, wine and coffee. The owners Carlos and Cecilia, can provide information about visits to see the turtles.

Hospedaje Las Guacamayas Ph (506) 2682-0430. Located in Ostional 150 meters south of the Plaza. It has four double rooms 5 US$ per person, private bathroom with warm water and parking.

Soda Surfo Ph (506) 2682-0429, Ph/Cellular (506) 8387-2051.Located diagonal to the plaza. Offering traditional food, hamburgers, tacos, and gallos, natural and fizzy drinks. Chicken rice, Cantonese rice, fish, chicken, meat to your taste, chops, from 1 US$ to 3 US$.

Hacienda del Sol Ph/cell (506) 8828-4080. In Canada / USA1-866-765-7422. E-mail: menha@sunvacation.org / www.sunvacation.org. It is a Forest Refuge that is based in the region of Guanacaste in Costa Rica. It specializes in offering groups, mainly raw and organic food to help cure and heal. Within two months you will receive a certificate in giving lessons in Relaxation and life meditation, the price for meals is 40 US$, and it can also be hired for  8.50 US$ per person, meals not included.