Where to Sleep & Eat in Montezuma Beach?

Where to Sleep & Eat in Montezuma Beach?

Sun & Moon Paradise Ph (+506) 2642-1401 / (+506) 8579-4233 / (+506) 8383-2901. Email: administrador@sunandmooncr.com https://www.sunandmooncr.com/ We are located in Las Delicias de Cóbano, Calle Horizontes, Montezuma, in the beautiful province of Puntarenas. In our facilities you can prepare your own food, since each cabin is equipped for your comfort. They have, cable TV, internet, private bathroom with hot water, kitchen, microwave, coffemaker and utensils. Swimming Pool and jacuzzi with Ocean View. FOR SALE.

Montezuma Costa Rica Hotels

Sun Trails Lodge Ph +506-2642-0808. Welcome to Suntrails Lodge, a place full of relaxation and nature. King Bed • Free WiFi • Private bathroom • Air conditioning • Flat TV • Car parking • Elevator • 34 square meters. Accessed by an enormous suspension bridge, you will be filled with emotion with each step you take toward our beautiful hotel. Here we are excited to make your stay with us one of your best memories. Live with us all of the wonderful adventures Suntrails Lodge has waiting for you: Aerial Bridge, Views of mountains and sea, Visits to the Montezuma Waterfalls neighboring the Lodge, We are here waiting to make your stay the best one possible!

Cabinas Armonia Tropical Ph (506) 2642-0096. Ph/Cell (506) 8823-4116. E-mail: pizzanet@racsa.co.cr. Located in the beach to 200 meters of the entrance. It has three cabins. A cabin is equipped with kitchen, refrigerator, utensils, Coffe Maker, 3 matrimonial beds, bathroom private with hot water, fan, terrace with chair, cost 15 US$ in low season and 25 US$ in high season for person. Capacity for 6 people. The last 2 rooms have each one matrimonial bed, bathroom private with hot water, refrigerator, fan, terrace, Coffe Maker, price 15 US$ in low season and 25 US$ in high season for person. All the rooms have view to the sea. Has private parking and green area. To be reserved carries in Pizza Net in the Center of the Town of Montezuma.

Hotel Luz de Mono Ph (506) 2642-0090, Ph/fax (506) 2642-2010. E-mail: luzdemono@luzdemono.com info@luzdemono.com www.luzdemono.com. Has Standard 6 rooms with private bathroom, hot water, fan, refrigerator, Coffe Maker, terrace with chair for 2/ 3/ 4 people, cost 85/ 105/ 125 US$. Six suites for 2/ 3/ 4 people cost 100/ 120/ 140 US$. Rooms are they are bigger and they are located in the second floor, includes breakfast and taxes. Five houses, with private bathroom, hot water, fan, Coffe Maker, some have 2 rooms and Jacuzzi, terrace and private parking. For 2 people without Jacuzzi 120 US$, and those of 4 people with Jacuzzi 160 US$. Has Bar restaurant B.B.Q. Service breakfast, lunch and dinner. On Thursdays there are parties with Music House with DJ and on Saturday with DJ in reggae and roots. They expose contemporary art and he named”chunches de el Mar”. Have an exuberant garden and their restaurant this inside the garden. There are days that carry out concert with live music.

The Backery Cafe Ph (506) 2642-0458. E-mail sanforest@hotmail.com. The Tourists know this business as Monkey Place, for the arrival of monkeys to eat in the area of the garden; can also observe bird’s carpenters, magpies. Here liquor is not sold. The bread and the paste are elaborated 100%. Services mainly for the breakfasts, vegetarian restaurant. They are famous for the lunch; Thai Curry made with coconut milk. Drinks: natural juices 1.30/ 1.50 US$, in milk or soya 2 US$, black coffee or with milk and chocolate 0,55/ 2 US$. The breakfast to 3 US$. Lunch, nachos, skewer, sándwiches, salads, capresse, smoky fish with olives from 2 / 6 US$. Specialty of the world: of Italy; paste from 4/ 6 US$, the Middle East; falafel, fish fillet from 5/ 7 US$, of Mexico; tacos, nachos, donkeys, fish fillet from 4/ 6 US$, of the India; Palak Panair, plate India, fillet of fish 4/ 9 US$, of Indonesia; Tofu Satcé, Gado gado from 6/ 8 US$, of Thailand; Curry of the forest, Spinach 5 US$, of U.S.A; Cheese hamburger 3/ 6 US$, of Costa Rica; fish fillet 7 US$. Also the confectionery; Croissant, banana tree bread, guava rib, pañuela, roll of cinnamon, streussel, vegetarian enchilada from 1/ 2 US$. Rent horses to go for a walk for the beach or mountain to 25 US$ for 4 hours. Open of 6:00 a.m to 6:00 p.m of Monday to Saturday.

Hotel Pargo Feliz Ph (506) 2642-0064. E-mail: elpargofeliz@costarricense.cr. It is a building of 2 plants. It has 8 rooms, with private bathroom; there are 2 rooms with hot water. Four rooms up to 35 US$ in high season and 25 US$ in low season. Four rooms below to 20 US$ in high season and 30 US$ in season below with fan, terrace, with hammocks, all with view to the sea, tropical garden to the front. They spoken Spanish, German and English. There are a very calm, pleasant atmosphere and relaxing.

Restaurante & Bar Cocolores Ph (506) 2642-0348. Located in front of the sea with a beautiful garden, surrounded of palms with a family atmosphere. It is far from the center for their position, for the entrance of the Pargo Feliz Hotel. They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. Eat International, with Italian plates, Mexicans, India and Thai. They have curried in fish, shrimps and chicken from 7/ 8 US$. Eaten as: strips, nachos, ceviche, seafood, red and white meats. Ceviche to the style prepared Mediterranean with White Marlyn, marinated in vinegar and olive oil, garlic and parsley. It cannot lack the spaghetti. Drinks: Beers, national and foreign liquors, 20 types of cocktails, Italian, Argentinean and Chilean wines. Milk shakes in water and in milk, natural, gassy juices, expressed coffee. They spoken Spanish, Italian and English. Open of 12:00 md to 10:00 p.m every day (except Monday)

Hotel Montezuma Pacific Ph (506) 2642-0204. Located to the side of the church. It is a building of 2 plants; has 15 rooms, with refrigerator, box of security, comfortable beds. Public telephones to carry out international calls. Coffee and Tea in the mornings free. Service of lavandería.1.50 US$ for 1 Kilo. They accept credit cards.

Cafe Vainilla Ph /cel (506) 8826-5507. E-mail: nadiastambuk@yahoo. E-mail: vanillacafemontezuma@yahoo.com .Offers to the client breakfast service, lunch and dinner from 2/ 5 US$. Among the foods that offer: mixed salads, lasañas, chicken milanesa, spaghetti, omelette. Rice, those Panino-Sandwiches, they are very rich and of very high quality, with an Italian concept. Drinks: expressed coffee, capuchino, organic natural juices. Ice creams elaborated by their landlady. Specialty in confectionery: queques of all class (30 different), of those which they can be requested for birthday or any occasion that wants. Open of 7:00 a.m to 8:00 pm. (Closed Sunday). Spoken Spanish, English, Italian and German.

Soda La Naranja Ph (506) 2642-1001. E-mail:eterlecrc@yahoo.com www.zumatour.net. breakfast Service (American and typical), lunch and dinner from 2 US$ from 10 US$. Offer to their client’s seafood, rice, shrimps, lobster, octopus to the vapor or grilled. Mariscadas made in curry sauce or of mushrooms. Besides paste, red and white meats. Eat typical Costa Rican and typical Mexicans. Every night they have a specialty of the different house. Open of 06:00 a.m to 10:00 p.m. Spanish and English Spoken.

Cabinas Capitan Ph (506) 2642-0069.Located in the center of Montezuma. Offers 12 rooms, 4 of them have private bathroom to a price of 8 US$ in low season and 10 US$ in high season. Double rooms with private bathroom 20 US$ in low season and 25 US$ in high season. With capacity for 3 or 4 people. There is public telephone for international calls.

Pizzería Romano Ph (506) 2642-0717.E-mail: pizzeriaroman@yahoo.com. Located in the center of the town. Assisted by the Italian Roberto and Sandra their proprietors. They offer: pizza, paste, meat, fish and variety of Italian food. Prices from 5/ 8 US$ with drink. Open of 10:00 a.m to 10:00 p.m every day (except Tuesday)

Cabinas Mar y Cielo Ph /fax (506) 2642-0261. It is of two plants and has 3 rooms in the part of up and three in the part of below. It has 6 rooms with private bathroom, hot water, fan, terrace with hammocks, cost 25/ 40 US$. There is an apartment completely equipped with kitchen, refrigerator and furniture. With capacity for four people.

Chico Playa Bar & Restaurante Ph (506) 2642-0556. E-mail: lucilacincinnati@yahoo.com.ar. Located in front of the beach to some meters of the sea, with a calm atmosphere, to converse and to relax, with varied music (not dancing). Specialty in tropical cocktails of the house. National and foreign beers, national and foreign liquors, wine white and tint. Sushi, variety in plates to the letter with red and white meats, B.B.Q. The special table named “El Trono”, it approximately a high rock to a 1 meter of the sand, in front of the waves. At night in the part of the beach is illuminated partially in form of the Bar with candles. This is a ranch built in wood, in the base of a tree. Open of 04:00 a.m until the last client leaves. Spanish and English spoken.

Pizza Net Ph (506) 2642-0096. Specialty in pizzas, elaborated in firewood oven. Slide, small, medium, big and jumbo. At a cost of 2/ 5/ 12/ 16 US$. The prices also vary according to the ingredients. Spaghetti and lasagña. Drinks: gassy, beers, wine white and tint, natural juices, milk shakes in water and in milk. They accept credit cards. Service of Internet with air conditioned 2.50 US$ the hour. Open of 8:00 a.m to 12:00 m.n.

Hotel Moctezuma Ph /fax (506) 2642-0058.  It has 21 rooms with fan, private bathroom, with capacity for 2 and 6 people. Rooms singular/ double/ triple/ cost 12/ 20/ 30 US$. There are two rooms with kitchen equipped for 5 people. Has a contiguous restaurant to the hotel and a bar with all music type. This is the first hotel built in the area of Montezuma.

Cafe Iguana Tel (506) 2642-0422. It is a cafeteria in which can find icy, juices and salads of fruits. As well as expressed coffee, capuchino, confectionery. Prices from 1 US$ to 4 US$. Open of 06:00 a.m at 10:00 p.m. every day.

Soda Montesol Ph /cel (506) 8849-4962. It is a place visited by “surfer” to eat in Montezuma. They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner from 4 US$ to 11 US$. Seafood: lobster, fished entirely, squids, shrimps from 6 US$ to 9 US$. Milk shakes in water and in milk, coffee and soft drink.

Hotel el Jardín Ph (506) 2642-0548, Ph /fax (506) 2642-0074. E-mail: jardin@racsa.co.cr www.hoteleljardin.com .Located in the center of Montezuma to 100 meters of the beach. It is composed of a series of constructions independent inmersas in an exuberant tropical garden and located in a hill from which is enjoyed a view of the sea that left it without encouragement. The pool with Jacuzzi to the Mexican style. The Hotel has 15 rooms, all with private bathroom; hot water, climatizador, refrigerator and orthopedic mattresses, with a wide terrace or furnished balcony, some of them with view to the sea. The store of gifts and Souvenirs, with bathroom suits and dresses in fashion Italian. It also has two houses with view to the sea, kitchen, garden and independent entrance, totally equipped. Rates rooms: high season for two people: from 85 to 95 US$, depending on the location.  Low season: from 65 US$ up to 75 US$. For additional person 10 US$ per day .House 2 rooms with matrimonial beds, hot water, kitchen, balcony with hammocks, terrace. Incredible view to the ocean. High season 115/ 135 US$ low Season 80/ 100 US$. Organize trips.

Restaurante las Gemelas Ph (506) 2642-0612. They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner from 4 US$ to 9 US$. Food Costa Rican. Specialty in seafood: rice, soup, ceviche, fished entirely, fillet, lobster, cocktail of shrimps from 5 US$ up to 9 US$. Plates to the letter: spaghetti, loin, chicken, salad from 3 US$ to 9 US$. Milk shakes in water and in milk, of natural fruits, juices, gassy, expressed coffee and wine. Open of 7:30 a.m at 9:30 p.m. every day. Spanish and English spoken.

Soda el Caracol Ph (506) 2642-0194. Located behind the football square. They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. Cooks 100% Costa Rican to firewood. Prices from 3 US$ to 4 US$. The specialty of the house is the Soup of Fish with coconut milk to 2 US$. Milk shakes in water and milk, natural juices and coffee. This is a family business. They also offer laundry service to 1.30 US$ for kilo. They rent 6 houses equipped with kitchen, refrigerator, utensils, bathroom, private, beds for 2 people. They are of different size with patio. To rent per month.

Pension Jenny Ph (506) 2642-0306. Located in front of the football square. Building of 2 plants.  Equipped with 14 rooms with private bathroom, fan for 1/ 2/ 3/ 4 people,cost 10/ 20/ 30/ 40 US$. Offers service of sale of quick foods, milk shakes in water and in milk, soft drink, coffee and ceviche.

Cafeteria Emely Ph (506) 2642-0164.Offers breakfast, lunch and dinner. Prices from 2.35 US$ up to 4 US$. Variety of food: rooster paints, coffee, casado typical with meat and chicken, fish fillet to 3.75 US$. Eaten quickly: hamburgers, sandwiches, toasts with egg and tocineta. Milk shakes in water and in milk, natural, gassy juices; confectionery, pancakes, salads of fruits, ice creams facts at home. Open of 8:00 a.m to 8:00 p.m every day.

Restaurante el Parque Ph (506) 2642-0832. Located in front of the sea. They serve breakfasts from 2 US$ up to 3 US$. Salads of fruits 2.30 US$. Drinks as: expressed coffee, tea, chocolate, milk shakes in water and in milk, gassy and natural juices. Eat quickly: sandwiches, hamburger 2.30 US$ up to 3 US$. Salads, ceviche. Lunches: casado typical3.30 US$. Rice with chicken, shrimps, squids, vegetables, cantons and rice to the seafaring one from 4 US$ up to 6 US$. Paste, fish Fillet, red and white Meats, Shrimps griiled with mushrooms, Squids, Pig, loin griiled in mustard from 4 US$ to 8 US$. Lobster and fish. Dessert from 1 US$ to 3 US$. This is a pleasant place located in front of the beach. It is a fresh ranch with music and a good atmosphere. Open of 7:00 a.m at 10:00 p.m. every day.

Hotel el Parque Ph (506) 2642-0164. Located in front of the beach. Offers 7 rooms, with shared bathroom, fan to 10 US$ for person. Have rooms with capacity of 1 up to 4 people. Parking. They spokenSpanish, English and French.

Pension Arenas Ph (506) 2642-0649. It is a building of 2 plants in front of the beach. It has 20 rooms with shared bathrooms, two beds, fan at a cost of 5 US$ for person.

Playa de Los Artistas Ph (506) 2642-0920. Located to 800 meters of the center from the town highway to cabo Blanco, in front of the sea. Special to relax. This small one and local peasant are known as the mediterranean place. Offers main paltos to 12 US$. Specialty in fish carpaccio. Has a firewood oven that works in summer, to cook entrances and fish. Every Friday from 12:00 m.d to 05:00 p.m they cook Japanese Oriental food, with music DJ. Open of 12 m.d to 10:00 pm (except Sunday)

Hotel los Mangos Ph (506) 2642 – 0076 / 642-0384, Ph/fax (506) 2642-0259.                   E-mail: homangos@racsa.co.cr. www.hotellosmangos.com. Has 9 bungalows elaborated in wood and tile roof, surrounded of mango trees. With private bathroom with hot water, a matrimonial bed and a singular, refrigerator, fan, terrace with hammocks and seats. Price per night 82 US$. Has 10 rooms, 6 are big for four people to 70 US$ per night, with 1 matrimonial bed, 2 singular, fan, private bathroom with hot water, and refrigerator. The 4 small rooms are double at a cost of 35 US$, with bathroom shared for 2 rooms, with 2 individual beds. And the other ones with 2 matrimonial bed each one.  Have swimming pool, Jacuzzi and private parking with surveillance the 24 hours. They offer yoga classes every day in a roofed big bungalow and open 10 US$ the class for person hard 90 minutes. The tropical garden surrounded of mango trees. They spoken Spanish, English and Greek. In the reception will find tourist information of the area. Service of transport.

Pension Lucy Ph (506) 2642-0273. It has 18 individual and double rooms with fan and bathroom shared at a cost of 8/ 12 US$. Have terrace with view to the sea and the rooms are ventilated. The best are in the high plant. This is the second hotel built in Montezuma, approximately 39 years ago. Their landlady cooks in firewood away from her house, she doesn’t sell her food.

Restaurante Lucy Ph (506) 2642-0958. E-mail: Lusic9@hotmail.com. Offers to clients delicious lunches and dinners of 12:30 md to 10:00 pm, (closed Wednesdays). Specialties in seafood: lobster, squids, shrimps, fillet, fished entirely, ceviche, fish sword, tuna, clams, mussels, mariscadas, to a price from 5 US$ up to 15 US$. Plates to the letter: Spaghetti, red and white meat, and the Costa Rican typical food. Milk shakes in water and in milk, gassy, natural juices and expressed coffee. More than 10 types different from cocktails. The view to the sea and the place is very calm, also a beautiful view to the river. At night there are paper streetlights with candles and the tables with cloths. It is one of the places more visited by their exquisite food and attention.

Hotel & Restaurante la Cascada Ph (506) 2642-0057. It has 18 rooms, with private bathroom, two fans. Two rooms have capacity for 5 people. Three rooms with a matrimonial bed and a singular. A room with matrimonial bed and a cabin. Another room with 3 individual beds. Three rooms with individual beds and 8 rooms with matrimonial beds, with capacity for 2/ 3/ 5 people. Rate 40/ 45/ 75 US$. It is a building of two plants with balcony surroundings with seats and hammocks, the rooms of up with view to the sea. Restaurant service with breakfast, lunch and dinner. Open of 7:00 a.m to 10:00 pm. In reception there is a public telephone to carry out international calls.

Hotel Amor de Mar Ph (506) 2642-0262. E-mail: shoebox@racsa.co.cr www.amordemar.com. It has 11 rooms with bathroom deprived 70 double/ 110 US$. Marries Moon for 6 people private bathroom hot water, kitchen equipped 170 US$ double.  House Sun is small for 4 people private bathroom hot water, balcony with view to the ocean, 170 US$ double. Has restaurant for the breakfast and lunch

Montezuma Paradise Ph (506) 2642-0271. It has six rooms with fan, matrimonial beds King Size, private bathroom with hot water, cost of 40 US$ double. Has a completely equipped communal kitchen, refrigerator, Coffe maker and the necessary utensils. In the part of up the big rooms are and below the small ones. Also offers an apartment equipped with kitchen, refrigerator, fan for 4/ 6 people, cost 75 US$ per night. Located in front of the sea and in the green area with B.B.Q. When lowering there is a beach of white sand and among the rocks natural pools. It is a splendid place to rest; to look at the sea, the evening and at night the enjoyment of the B.B.Q. Has parking.

Restaurante las Palmeras Offer breakfast, lunch and dinner. Among the delights that offer: Eat quick omelet, sandwiches, hamburgers, tacos. As well as hunted, fillet of fish Drinks: natural juices, milk shakes in water and in milk, coffee, gassy, ice creams. Prices from 1 US$ up to 5 US$.

Cabinas Playa Las Manchas  Ph (506) 2642-0415. E-mail: playalasmanchas@racsa.co.cr www.beach-hotel-manchas.com www.playalasmanchas.net Has different styles of cabins with private bathroom with hot water, fan, kitchen equipped, see to the ocean, double 50/ 75 US$. Organize tour, there are private parking and a restaurant.

Luna Llena Ph (506) 2642-0390. E-mail: montezuma@racsa.co.cr. www.playamontezuma.net. Located near the center to 200 meters before the the main entrance to montezuma.  It has 5 rooms singular/ double 15/ 25 US$, with shared bathroom, hot water, fan, a small equipped kitchen, refrigerator, Coffe Maker. Has a beautiful view to the sea and they are located in a hill. It is a very calm and silent place, surrounded of a tropical garden.

La Mochila Inn Ph (506) 2642-0030. Located 350 meters of the center in route to Cobano. It has 2 individual rooms at 30/ 35 US$, with bathroom private fan and hammocks. Also a room of 25 US$. All the rooms have refrigerator and kitchen. Has parking.

Cabinas Linda Vista Ph /fax (506) 2642-0104. Ph (506) 2642-0274/ 2642-0008. E-mail: martinap@costarricense.cr. Located to 1 ½ Km. of the town in address to Cobano.  It has 4 rooms with 2 matrimonial beds, TV, private bathroom with hot water, refrigerator, fan, conditioned air, terrace with seats and a pleasant view to the sea. Rate 60 US$ double per night. They have 6 houses totally equipped with one or two rooms, kitchen, refrigerator, utensil, Coffe Maker, TV, fan.  Rate per day or for month 50/ 600 US$, with view to the sea.  Has swimming pool and parking.

ValySuafu Hotel Bungalows & Cabinas Ph /fax (506) 2642-0291. E-mail: suafu@racsa.co.cr www.valysuafu.com . Located o to 2 Km of Montezuma. Offers to their guests 5 rooms with shared bathroom, hot water, fan, kitchen shared, for 2 and 3 people 18/ 30 US$ for person. It has 2 apartments one of them equipped with kitchen and private bathroom, hot water, terrace, with capacity for 4 people with 2 rooms for 2/ 3/ 4 cost 70/ 75/ 80 US$. The other apartment to the style ” Domo “, with equipped kitchen, bathroom private, hot water, 2 rooms and terrace, price 85/ 90 US$. Here will be able to carry out some entertainments with pin – pon, pool table. If the guest wants the proprietor he can cook them eaten international, they serve breakfast “buffet “. The land is of 1,5 hectares in the pure forest river with private access, silence, tranquility and rest, ideal for nights strawberries. They organize trips to: National park, waterfalls, sportfishing, dive, snorkeling, horse back, canopy, motos, and island turtle. Spoken Spanish, French and English.

Hotel Horizontes de Montezuma Ph (506) 2642-0534, Ph/fax (506) 2642-0625. E-mail: collina@racsa.co.cr www.horizontes-montezuma.com. Located to 2 ½ Km of Montezuma in the mountain. It is equipped with 7 rooms: Standard 57 US$. Superior 69 US$. With private bathroom and hot water, fan, terrace with seats and view to the mountain, where the monkeys and the birds can be seen. Restaurant service with breakfast and lunch. Swimming Pool and private parking.

Nature Finca Los Caballos Ph /fax (506) 2642-0664. Tel (506) 2642-0124. E-mail: naturelc @racsa.co.cr www.naturelodge.net. Located to 3 Km north from the town of montezuma highway to Cobano and of their entrance (labeled) to 1 ½ km mountain inside. It has 8 rooms with view to the garden, with private bathroom with hot water, fan, conditioned air and mini – refrigerator. Price 80/ 90 US$ double, includes special breakfast. There are 5 rooms with terrace with hammocks and view to the jungla. Four bigger rooms: both of up with beds King Size in wicker, fan, private bathroom, hot water, terrace with chair and tables, with view to the jungla and the sea. The two rooms of below with bed King Size in bamboo, fan and two bathrooms, one of the bathrooms inside the room but outdoors, with water hot terrace with seats and tables with view to the jungla, price of 130 US$. Restaurant Service with breakfast, lunch and dinner, with International and mediterranean foods, with a terrace with view to the jungla. Has swimming pool and private parking. They organize tour of horses 18 US$ for hour and person with sandwiches, juices, water to the waterfall and the beach. In the property there are paths for the river to observe the animals and it is a good place to see the birds. They spoken Spanish, English and German.

Rancho Buena Vista Cabinas Ph /cel (506) 8814-3247.                                                     E-mail: silviaciampi@hotmail.com. Located to 3 ½ Km to the north from the town of montezuma highway to Cobano and of their entrance (labeled) to 500 meters mountain inside. It is a property of 2 hectares, with a beautiful very green tropical garden. It has 6 booths, two with private bathroom with hot water, fan, with shared kitchen, dining room, built in cement and wood with ceramic floors, terrace with hammocks. Cost 40 US$ double. The other 4 booths with two shared bathrooms or private, equipped with fan, kitchen, refrigerator, Coffe Maker, utensils to 45 US$ double and for additional person 10 US$. Has a beautiful view to the Gulf and from there it is also observed Playa Jaco and Herradura. They are built in wood. There is a house completely equipped with two rooms with private bathroom and hot water, fan, kitchen, for 4 people to 80 US$ per night, it can be let per week or per month with discount. See to the ocean and the Gulf. There is possibility to give to the client eaten quickly, beer. Laundry service, rent of horses, taxi for the whole country. They organize tours.