Samara Beach

Samara Beach

It is located 332 Km from San José on the north Interamericana highway, 234 km via the Puente de la amistad. From Liberia 115 km, 102 km from Daniel Oduber Airport, 36 km from Nicoya. From Sámara Beach to Nosara 31 km, 17 km to Garza Beach and 7 km to Carrillo Beach. It is especially for tourists who enjoy to bathe, it has one of the safest beaches in the country, which is excellent for swimmers of all ages, it is 8Km long. At low tide from the seaside, to where the waves reach is 300 meters. It has a totally flat topography; which is perfect for a range of sporting activities. Sámara is a beach that is relatively hidden and is not very busy – located 31 km to the south of Nosara via the coastal road.  The warm grey sands in Samara are surrounded by small residences and small complexes. Despite its isolation, Sámara Beach has a good selection of high quality accommodation. On both sides of Samara there are several outstanding beaches Garza Beach, to the north, with white sands and a magnificent view of the Pacific. Carrillo Beach to the south is bordered by palm trees and coral reef. Camaronal Beach is a world famous surfing center. In the village there are shops, discos, hotels, bars and restaurants.



National Bank Ph (506) 2656-0086.Located contiguous to the Church. Schedule from 8:30 a.m to 3:45 p.m. Service of automatic cashier and currency exchange.



How to arrive and leave

By Bus


Empresa Alfaro Ph (506) 2656-0269 in Samara, Ph (506) 2258-4716/ 2222-2666 in San José. There is a daily service to Sámara 12:30 p.m, the journey takes 6 hours, that continues to Carrillo Beach, it costs 6 US$. The bus returns to San José from Carrillo 4:30 a.m and 01:00 p.m, on Sunday. TRAROC.S.A Ph (506) 2685-5382. Routes 548 and 548 A. Hours of service: from Nicoya to Samara, Carrillo, Estrada and Vic. From Nicoya to Samara: 5:00 a.m to Samara, Carrillo, and Estrada. 6:00 a.m, 7:45 a.m Samara, 10:00 a.m Samara, Carrillo, Cangrejal, 12:00 m.d Samara, Carrillo, Cangrejal, 1:30 p.m Samara, Carrillo, 2:30 p.m Samara, Carrillo, Cangrejal, Estrada, 3:30 p.m Samara, Carrillo, Cangrejal, 4:20 p.m Samara, Carrillo, Cangrejal. 6:30 p.m Samara, Carrillo, Estrada. 9:45 p.m Samara. Sundays and Holidays: 7:45 a.m Samara, Carrillo, 10:00 a.m Samara, Cangrejal, 12 m.d Samara, Carrillo, Cangrejal. 2:30 p.m Samara, Carrillo 3:00 p.m Samara, Carrillo, Estrada, Cangrejal. To Nicoya from: 4:00 a.m Carrillo, Samara. 5:00 a.m Estrada, Carrillo, Samara, 6:00 a.m Estrada, Carrillo, Samara, Cangrejal. 7:30 a.m Carrillo, Samara, 8:45 a.m Samara. 11:30 a.m Carrillo, Cangrejal, Samara. 1:30 p.m Carrillo, Samara, Cangrejal. 3:00 p.m Carrillo, Samara. 4:45 p.m Carrillo, Samara, 5:30 p.m Estrada, Carrillo, Samara. Sundays and Holidays: 6:30 a.m Estrada. 8:30 a.m Carrillo, Samara, 11:30 a.m Carrillo, Samara, 2:30 p.m Carrillo, Samara. 5:30 p.m Estrada, Carrillo, Samara. De Estrada, Carrillo t Nosara and Vic. From Estrada, Carrillo to Nosara: 5:00 a.m From Nosara to Estrada, Carrillo: 3:00 p.m.  Schedule from Monday to Saturday from Nicoya to Nosara and VIC. De Nosara a Nicoya: 5:00 a.m (not on Sundays), 7:00 a.m, 12:25 p.m, and 3:00 p.m (not Sundays). From to Nosara: 5:00 a.m (Not on Sundays) 10:00 a.m, 12:00 md (not on Sundays), 3:00 p.m.


By Car

Sámara Beach is 36Km to the south of Nicoya on an asphalt road.  You can also get here from Nosara Beach via a coastal road in good condition. The only gas station in the area located on the Nosara crossing, via the road from Nicoya, be careful when driving, there are narrow points in the road as well as dangerous curves.


By Plane


SANSA. E-mail: Ph (506) 2221-9414. International Airport Juan Santamaría., flyers 630, departs 8:40 a.m, arrive 9:30 a.m, price 82 US$, arriving on the landing strip at Carrillo Beach.


Carrillo Beach

Located some 7 km to the southeast of Sámara and passes for one of the best in Costa Rica. You are not allowed to camp on the beach, the landscape is beautiful, 3 km of white sand bordered with coconut trees, ridges and green hills. From Carrillo, on the road that heads south, you will need to cross the river mouth of the Río Ora so you may need to check the tides, you will arrived at Camaronal Beach the first in the county of  Nandayure.