Playa Buena Beach

Playa Buena

This is one of the best beaches that you can visit in the Golfo de Papagayo, a beautiful beach that is protected by two strips of reef that give the apearrance of a huge horshoe that has sunk into the sea and a large variety of typical vegetation in the dry forest, it is perfect for those who love to fish and for tourists in general. .



How to arrive and leave

Panama Beach is 3 km to the north of Hermosa Beach via an asphalt road. There is a daily direct bus service from San José and regular buses from Liberia. Taxi services from Liberia and Daniel Oduber airport and other nearby beaches. The isolated beaches to the extreme north and west of the Bahía Culebra are not accessible via land from Panamá Beach. Although there is a tarmac road that runs from Guardia, on the route from Liberia to Santa Cruz to this area. Look for the sign “Monte de la Barca” and continue the road some 14km through the sugar cane crops and pasture. On this road you will find a detour to Cabuyal beach and to the Horizontes Experimental Forest Station.Finally, the road finishes and divides into three dirt roads. The road that forks to the left leads you to more solitary beaches such as Pochata, Nacascolo, Prieta, Vierador, Blanco, Palmares and Zapatillal. A 4×4 vehicle is recommended for more secluded beaches.