Pietra / Culebra / Manzanillo Beaches

Pietra / Culebra / Manzanillo Beaches

Playa Pietra

Located in the Golfo de Papagayo, 28 km from the city of Liberia.  It is a small beach, 400 meters in length, with clear sands and water so that you can go swimming and snorkeling. It is a cove located 200 meters from Playa Blanca.

Playa Culebra

Close to Playa Naranjo we find a beautiful bay located in the Golfo de Papagayo, it is a special place for bathers as it is not dangerous and it has exhuberant landscapes and is peaceful; it is a great place to rest.

Playa Manzanillo

Located in Bahía Culebra, the beach is 1 km long, with small waves and so is great for bathing. The sand is light grey in color and contrasts against the water and is surrounded by tropical rainforests and mangroves.