Others Services in Tamarindo Beach

Others Services in Tamarindo Beach


CRAZY Monkey BAR Tamarindo Ph (506) 2653-0114. In the Best Western Hotel, very lively at night, it is a very popular meeting place with a good ambience and music.

Medicine & Emergencies

Farmacia Tamarindo Ph (506) 2653-0915. You can also get more information at the following websites www.tamarindo.com and www.tamarindo.net. In case of emergency, you can contact a doctor via your hotel.

Pacific Emergencies Tamarindo Ph (506) 2653-1226 Emergencies Ph (506) 8378-8265 is next to the Tamarindo pharmacy. The professional services in medical consultation with specialized doctors with vast knowledge in chronic pathologies and 100% bilingual. Consultation of Urgencies; at the place of the accident and at the doctor’s office, the patient is attended by an urgencies medic and a paramedic. Service of Laboratory; associated to the most prestigious laboratory of Costa Rica LABICLIN, with service of hematology, blood chemistry, hormones, drugs in blood and more. Pathology; services of pathology altogether with the Dr Jimenez, American Board of Pathology, making tests of cervix, biopsies and more. The hospital service: when the patient has to be referred to a third level (medical specialties) which cover all the medical and surgical specialties. It has its own ambulances of advanced vital support.


Coco Beauty Spa Ph (506) 2653-1126. Located in the stores of the Hotel Diria local Nº 8. Therapeutic massages, facial Massages manicure and pedicure.

Domaniti’s Day Spa Ph (506) 2653-0995. Located in the center Commercial Plaza Zullimar. Many after a day of surfear arrive to this business to relax with therapeutic massages that includes ½ alone hour the side of the back 20 US$ and 1 hour front and back 40 US$, they use oil of almonds and lavender. Schedule of 9:30 a.m to 7:00 p.m of Monday to Saturday. It has 3 rooms with 2 beds for massages with conditioned air, music relajante and a very pleasant atmosphere. It is an alone exclusive place for massages. Also the massage Bali with two therapists ½ hour 40 US$ and 1 hour 80 US$, facial massages with mud volcanic 45 minutes 35 US$, and other services like; manicure, pedicure.

Brans-Trenzas Ph/cell (506) 8390-3361 / 8844-1461. Located opposite the beach near Hotel Tamarindo Diría. Styles include Corn Row, weaves, extensions and traditional plaits, ask for Irma Lindo.