Is located 3 km west the Beach Coco, to 40 km from the city of Liberia, to the north of the Carrillo country. A small but full beach, with an extension of more than 700 meters in length. The landscape is beautiful, of great tourist value; it has a large amount of low ridges, cliffs and the beautiful Ocotal Island. It is not dangerous, nevertheless it is recommended to bathe close to the sea shore. There are many activities you can enjoy such as: sunbathing, fishing, snorkeling, and observing the surrounding landscape. Ocotal Bay is small, but it is a beautiful strip of grey and black sand bordered by low ridges. Punta Gorda, headland that elevates to the west of Ocotal, it is surrounded by reefs and has excellent scuba diving areas such as Las Corridas.

How to arrive and leave

Ocotal beach is 3 km to the west of Coco Beach. The bus service from San José and Liberia stops in Coco Beach, where you will have no problem finding a taxi that will take you to Ocotal.

Ocotal Resort Ph (506) 2670-0323, Ph/fax (506) 2670-0083. E-mail: info@ocotalresort.com  www.ocotalresort.com. It is a tourist complex, which is located opposite Ocotal beach, with a store selling nautical equipment, with forty scuba diving suits. There are also four fishing boats, high season; a day 750 US$, half a day 495 US$, kayak 6 US$ per hour, 14 US$ 4 hours, and offering tourist packages all day 625 US$, half a day 350 US$, in low season.

Pacific Paradise Watersports Parasail Ph (506) 2670-0519. The tour of the coast with bird, wildlife and marine life. The professionals offer the instructions in English, Spanish and German. All the innovative equipment and the security dress. Fun for all the ages. It does not require any skill. Prices 112/243/362 meters altitude at 50/60/70 US $.