To the southeast

From Nicoya, you will arrive at the Ferry Terminal of Naranjo Beach some 72 km to the southeast, via Jicaral and Lepanto. From Jicaral you can take a bus to Coyote and San  Miquel Beach. To travel to Naranjo Beach to the extreme south of the Peninsula you will need to travel by car: the bus only goes as far as the ferry that crosses to Puntarenas.  Naranjo beach and the extreme south of the Peninsula are part of the Province of Puntarenas, although geographically it appears to belong to Guanacaste.

Jicaral and Lepanto

These are two villages in between Nicoya and Naranjo Beach. There are a few cheap places to stay in Jicaral, and you can also get a 4×4 taxi to take you to any destination. There is also a bank, gas station, supermarket, soda and restaurant.

Naranjo Beach

The village is the ferry terminal which offers a crossing to Puntarenas and the beach is not attractive. There is a gas station; supermarket and restaurant on the crossing to Paquera, there are also sodas close to the ferry departure point.

How to arrive and leave

All the transportation is regulated according to the arrival and departure of the ferry. The hotels pick up guests at the dock. Some bus services link the ferry terminal with Nicoya a journey of 3/ 4 hours. The only alternative are 4×4 taxis, which travel to Paquera for 25 US$. The Ferry Coonatramar Ph (506) 2661-1069, leaves Naranjo beach everyday 5:10 a.m, 8:50 a.m, 12:50 p.m, 5:00 p.m and 9:00 p.m. The journey take an hour and fifteen minutes to cross to Puntarenas, and the tariffs are 10 US$ for a car with a driver, adults/Children/Bicycles/Motorcycles pay 1,78/ 1.12/ 5.55 US$. In the majority of bus services the traveler needs to get off the bus and buy their own ticket. If you travel by car on national holidays, it is better to arrive a couple of hours early to make sure that you get a space in the long queues. You will need to wait in your car until personnel can give you a ticket inorder to buy the passes. The tarmac road from Playa Naranjo to Paquera is in good condition. It is better to use a 4×4 in rainy season.