Located 35 km and 15 minutes from Liberia, it is a port that is accessible all year round, via paved roads. Facilities include: hotels, cabins, restaurants, internet access, boat tours, snorkeling, sports fishing and surfing. Banco Nacional, Banco Popular, supermarkets, arts and crafts, discos, police, pharmacy and taxis. It is four hours and a half from San José, via asphalt roads, all the way, which makes Coco one of the most accessible beaches in the area.


Banco Popular Ph (506) 2697-0081. Located in Sardinal, South 50 meters of the Catholic Church, in front of the clinic of the C.C.S.S. Schedule of Monday to Friday of 8:15 a.m to 03:45 p.m and on Saturday of 8:15 a.m at 11:30 a.m.

Banco Nacional Ph (506) 2670-0801/ 2670-0644, Ph/fax (506) 2670-0255. Located contiguous to Supermarket the Luperon. Open of Monday to Friday of 8:30 a.m at 3:45 p.m. Bill with Automatic Cashier, currency change, travel Check and parking.

How to arrive and leave


The village bus stops at Coco Beach is located on the plaza, opposite the police station. From the Pulmitan Station Ph (506) 2222-1650, on 24th Street, on the corner with 5th Avenue, in San José,  everyday at 8:00 a.m, 2:00 p.m and 4:00 p.m, at a cost of 5 US$. Returning at 4:00 a.m, 8:00 a.m and 2:00 p.m. From Liberia Ph (506) 666-0458 to Coco Beach departing at 5:30 a.m to 6:30 p.m, returning at 5:30 a.m to 6:00 p.m. A taxi from Liberia costs between 12 and 15 US$.


Located 255 km from San José and 35 km from Liberia some 15 minutes away. The turnoff is opposite the gas station El Tamarindo Ph (506) 2667-0050, in the village of Comunidad, on the road to Liberia from Santa Cruz. Coco beach is 15 Km west of this crossing via the winding road that crosses several prawn farms, sugar cane crops and cattle ranches. Just before arriving at the coast, the road branches off. The fork to the north leads to Hermosa Beach. To the left, you will head south on a road that takes you to Coco Beach.

Visit on the way

Lagunas Catfish Farm Ph (506) 2667-0142, Ph/fax (506) 2667-0055/ (506) 2666-0166. E-mail: Located 1.2 km from Playa del Coco and from the Total Gas station in the area. The owner is Harold Phillips with more than 25 years experience. His son and along with the rest of the family decided to begina restaurant in the open air with fresh fish held in outside tanks. Open from 6:00 am to 10:00 pm, everyday. Their speciality is seafood served from the tanks and it is the only place to sell American hamburgers. .. With a varied a la carte menu, snacks, salads, main courses, hamburgers, gourmet wraps (exported tortillas from the the U.S.A. with salads). There is also free internet for all of the restaurants customers, laptops and printers, a childrens play area with a playground. Those that wish to can fish in the tank and cook what they catch for 1.5 US$ per kilo, includes refreshments, beer and a line.  The property is 74 hectares. They also organize birdwatching and crocodile tours. Spanish, Italian and English spoken. .

In road before Beach of the Coco   

Cabinas Traum-El Sueño & Discoteca Has rooms with conditioned air, swimming pool with Jacuzzi, tennis court, play for the children. Included breakfast. The discoteque open of Friday to Saturday from the 9:00 pm.

Servicio medico Emergencia 2000 Ph /cel (506) 8380-4125 support service prescribes the 24 hours.

Parrot Golf & Country Club Ph (506) 2670-0109, golf field. The Servicentro Sardinal service of fuel, repair of tires and change of oil, they accept credit cards.

The Dental Clinic Ph (506) 2667-0079, tel/cel (506) 8832-7480 attention odontológica for children and adults. Crbike Ph (506) 2670-0926 Tour to defferent areas of Guanacaste and mountain bicycle. Emergency Papagayo Tel (506) 2670-0047, tel/cel (506) 8304-2121, support service prescribes the 24 hours.

Hotel & Villas Nacazcol Ph (506) 2670-0229, Ph /fax (506) 2222 – 4703. This is a hotel of three stars. It has 47 villages and 12 rooms. There are villages with 2 bedrooms and two bathrooms with capacity for 4 and 8 people. Other villages have a bedroom and a completely equipped bathroom, with international TV for cable, conditioned air, appliances, kitchen utensil, private bathroom with jacuzzi with hot water, mini-bar. Double/ triple 95/ 108 US$ in the villages triple/ quadruple/ séxtuple 118/ 149/ 176 US$ includes typical breakfast, has beautiful green areas, 2 tennis courts, mini soccer court, 4 swimming pools (2 adults 2 children), 2 restaurants: captain Morgan and Selva Snack bar, the disco club “el Pirata Cojo”.Also the laundry services, mini market, rent of bicycles and telephone, with 2 living rooms for of conferences and events with capacity for 200 people. Offers the internet services in reception, surveillance the 24 hours, telephones in all the villages and rooms. They accept credit cards. Spanish and English spoken. Transport in golf car to move in the complex. The villages are like a house with all the comforts is one from the nearest hotels to the airport of Liberia a15 minutes. Property of 4 hectares is very calm.

Canopy Tour The Congo Trail Located 200 meters north, after the Servicentro Sardinal highway to the Coconut, then 9 km west by hand left.