It is 4Km long, it borders the Punta Salina coastline. Where several estuaries lead to, such as Salinas, covered in mangroves and inhabited by monkeys, parrots and iguanas. At both extremes of the bay there are the Chocoyas and Plata Islands. To the south of Punta Salinas, separated by Potrero by the Salinas estuary, there is a fine white sandy beach, one of the most beautiful and most famous beaches on the Costa Rican Pacific Coast. Playa Potrero located 280 km from San José, 72 km from the Internacional Airport Daniel Oduber de Liberia and 24 km from the local Tamarindo Airport. From San José: on the Interamerican highway to Palmares, San Ramón and Esparza towards Puntarenas, passing by the Puntarenas exit and continuing on the way, you can see the signpost that says Tempisque (its is located at a Shell Gas Station on your left hadn side) Take a left turn and head towards Nicoya, crossing the Río Tempisque on the Puente La Amistad.  After passing by Nicoya follow the signs until you get to Santa Cruz, continue along the same way towards Belen where you will find a crossroads with alot of signs that state Tamarindo, Flamingo, Conchal and Playa Potrero. Double to the left and follow the signs to Playa Potrero. From Liberia: Head towards Filadelfia, take a right turn and follow the sings to Playa Potrero.  By air from San José: There are two alternatives: SANSA and Nature Air both have daily flights to Tamarindo, with duration of approximately 45 minutes. From the Tamarindo airport you can take a taxi ride of about 25 minutes.

By Plane

SANSA Ph (506) 2653-0012, Ph/fax (506) 2653-0001 In Tamarindo.

              Destiny    / Shedule / Arrive / Prices

4640          5:00       5:55        82 US$

640            6:00       7:18

642            7:20       8:15

646            8:50       9:45

648          11:10       12:28

620           11:50       13:08

680          11:50       12:45

682           13:35       14:25

686           14:30      15:48

2640          14:40      15:58


Natureair Tel (506) 299-6000. E-mail: E-mail: – Free Call (USA/Canadá): 800 235 9272.

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310            6:30       7:35       80 US$

320           10:00       11:10

330           10:10       11:15

334           12:25       13:15

350           16:30       17:20

The runway is located some 20 km from Flamingo Beach. When you make a reservation at the hotel you can ask to be collected at the airport pickup from the runway located some 23 km from Potrero Beach.

By Bus

There is a Tralapa office in Santa Cruz Ph (506) 2680-0392, with routes to Conchal, Brasilito, Flamingo and Bahía Potrero Beaches 06:00 a.m and 3:00 p.m, returning from Potrero 9:00 a.m and 5:00 p.m. From 20th Street, on the corner with 5th Avenue, in San José, leaving daily Tralapa Ph (506) 2221-7201/ 221-7202, towards Flamingo beach, departing  8:00 a.m, 11:00 a.m and 3:00 p.m, a ticket is 8 US$.

By Car

Potrero Beach is 3 km to the north of Flamingo via the coastal road.