A 2km beach, it has rocks on both sides with varying vegetation. Along the coastline there is some evidence of deforestation with some patches of vegetation that is characteristic of the area. You need to be careful when you bathe at this beach especially in the front area because of a submerged rock. Visit this beach if you like the sun sand sea or surfing. It is a long beach with 8 good quality breaks. There are two wave points: one with a left break close to the beach and a right break (Little Hawaii) where you can enjoy long and solid waves although not perfect.

How to arrive and leave

By Car

Located 10 Km from the road to Tamarindo, continue to the west via the road  to 27 de Abril, upon arriving at the Hernández turning which is a salon and bar, take a right turn along a paved road until you reach the entrance of Hacienda Pinilla, continue until you get to  Pueblo de Pinilla and then the beach. The road is not covered and during rainy season it is better to come here with a 4X4. If you travel via Santa Cruz, after the gas station via the main road,   cross the bridge and take a left turn, you will travel along a paved road that at the beginning is in bad condition continue onwards passing by the communities of San Pedro and Caimito. After the metal bridge travel along a 17km gravel road until you get to 27 de Abril, take a right turn, after 11 Km you will get to the Hernández turning.

By Bus

You have to arrive at Santa Cruz and take a bus that goes to Negra Beach. Transporte Pinilla Ph (506) 2658-8231, Ph/Cellular (506) 88842-2651, at the Santa Cruz Terminal located at the local market, departs 11:30 a.m arrives at Pinilla, 6:00 p.m arrives at Negra beach, On Thursdays and Fridays the bus to Negra beach leaves at 11:30 a.m, at a cost of 2 US$.