Where to buy Souvenirs & Crafts- Sarchi?

Where to buy Souvenirs & Crafts- Sarchi?

Home of national arts and crafts and an ecological area

It was established in 1949, exactly when it became segregated from the neighboring country of Grecia, being baptized to honor Dr. Carlos Luis Valverde Vega, the exemplary doctor and surgeon. This happened when the Founding Board of the Second Republic named the village of North Sarchí. The name Sarchí appeared in documents since 1732 in colonial documents and it seems to have Huétar origins, because the land was initially populated by indigenous people of the Huétar Kingdom of the west ruled by the chief Garabito. Nevertheless, they are considered pioneers of the first immigrants from Alajuela, Barva and Heredia. Those that stand out include Ambrosio Alfaro, Ramón Chaverri, Narciso Arias, Bartolo Herrera, and Andrés Arce among others. Some of them with their families began the arts and crafts traditions that still characterize the village today and have made Sarchí the main center of wooden crafts that exist in Costa Rica. Because of the interest shown towards such crafts by the population, in 1970 the government of Trejos Fernandez inaugurated the Liceo Técnico Profesional Artesanal Francisco Orlich, in honor of the President who built the first school six years before. The county of Valverde Vega has an extension of 120km2. It is divided territorially and administratively into five districts: North Sarchí, South Sarchí, Toro Amarillo, San Pedro and Rodriguez.

The biggest cart in the world 

The biggest typical cart in the world is in the Sarchi Park, almost has 5 meters high and 14 meters long, with a weight of a ton and mediates. When it was built they almost took a long time 3 months with the participation of several people in to the construction and decoration.

Arts and Crafts

Plaza de la Artesanía Ph (506) 2454-4755. Located in the south of Sarchí, opening times from 9:00 a.m to 6:00 p.m, everyday, it is a shopping center with more than 40 souvenir stores and restaurants, where some musicians play marimbas at the weekends; there is also a disco on the second floor, opening times from 10:00 p.m to 1:00 a.m. There is an information office with private parking.

Muebles Hnos. Rodríguez Rojas Ph/fax (506) 2454-1821.E-mail: muebleshrr@hotmail.com. Located 50 meters to the southeast of Coopearza, on the road to  San Rafael, fine finishes in Ash, Guanacaste and teak, furniture for the dining room, kitchen, bedrooms and the office.

Inversiones Cuyo Rodríguez Ph/fax (506) 2454-3078/ 2454-5128. Located 200 meters south of the sports plaza in the south of Sarchí, exclusivity in all types of dry woods.

Center for Arts and Crafts and Furniture Ph (506) 2454-1649, fax (506) 2454-1491. E-mail: ctroartmueb@racsa.co.cr. Located in Sarchí to the south of the Ox Cart Factory Chaverri 700 meters north, fine finishes, manufactured by catalogue, magazine and original designs, ash & Guanacaste wood furniture. 

San Judas Furniture Ph (506) 2454-4208, fax (506) 2454-2401. Located in North Sarchí, from the Trojas bridge 300 meters south, special designs in a catalogue, will deliver to any part of the country.

Artesanías & Exclusividades Chaverri Ph (506) 2454-4940, fax (506) 2454-4117. E-mail: artchaverri@costaricaexporta.com. It is a wholesale manufacturer.

Brenes Furniture Ph (506) 2454-3020/ 2454-1180. Located in North Sarchí, from the service station 300 meters west, Ash & Guanacaste wood furniture.

Souvenir & Furniture El Sueño Ph (506) 2454-4155, fax (506) 2454-4640. E-mail: suenol@racsa.co.cr. Located in south Sarchi opposite the Chaverri factory, fine woods, furniture and crafts.

Furniture Guerrero Ph (506) 2454-2754. Located south of Sarchí Park, 200 meters south, specializing in Ash & Guanacaste.

Furniture Factory Torres Ph (506) 2454-3350/ 2454-4243, fax (506) 2454-3339. E-mail: p.torres@costarricense.com. Located in the arts and crafts plaza in south Sarchí, 250 meters north, rustic furniture, furniture made with wood from a plantation certified with a green stamp.

Souvenir Tierra Linda Ph (506) 2454-4934, fax (506) 2454-3255. Located next to the Boston house in south Sarchí, jewelry and arts and crafts, ceramics, and souvenirs in wood.

Don Luis Furniture Ph (506) 2454-3667/ 2454-4118, fax (506) 2454-2280. E-mail: lrodrigueza@yahoo.com. Located opposite the sports plaza in south Sarchí, finely finished furniture, specializing in dining room sets.

Selva Tica Furniture Ph (506) 2454-3245. Located 25 meters south of the Ox Cart manufacturer  Chaverri, Ash & Guanacaste furniture.

Souvenir and Artesanía Napoleón Ph (506) 2454-4118. Located 75 meters north of the sports plaza in Southern Sarchí, carts, wagons, hammocks, leather & ceramic items.

Sarchí Chair & Rocking Chair factory Ph (506) 2454-4586, fax (506) 2454-4300. Is located 25 meters north of Sarchí Park, specializing in chairs, rocking chairs and furniture.

Coopearza R.L. (arts and crafts market) Ph (506) 2454-4050/ 2454-4196, fax (506) 2454-4300. Located 50 meters west of the gas station in North Sarchí, there is an assortment of arts and crafts and furniture.

Joaquín Chaverri Manufaturer of Carts Ph (506) 2454-4411, fax (506) 2454-4944. Located in south Sarchí, it is the oldest and best known ox cart manufacturer.

Pidesa Souvenir Ph (506) 2454-4540. Located in Sarchí, 200 meters north of the park, specializing in hand painted gifts.