Where to Sleep & Eat-Bajo de Toro Amarillo?

Where to Sleep & Eat-Bajo de Toro Amarillo?

Biological Reserve Bosque de Paz Ph (506) 2761-1266, Ph (506) 2234-6676. E-mail: info@bosquedepaz.com www.bosquedepaz.com. With their colleagues in order to  protect the exuberant flora and fauna, Federico Gonzalez Pinto, and his wife Vanessa, and their son Federico Jr. achieved their dream of creating a large Biological passage for future generations created a consciousness about the importance of conservation. Today, the Gonzalez Family helps nature lovers by sharing their treasure. It has an extension of 1.000 hectares and being a biological passage connects the National Park Volcano Poás with the Juan el Castro Blanco National Park, its altitude ranges from between 1450 to 2450 meters above sea level. It is a private reserve and you can only visit if you have made a prior reservation. The profits made from the reserve are reinvested into buying more for the rainforest. Visitors can donate money to buy a tree and plant it in the reserve. There are 11 rooms surrounded by rainforest, hummingbirds and a butterfly garden. The rooms are fully furnished with exclusive Costa Rican ironwork and pottery. Each having a double bed, private bathroom with hot water and balconies that offer a fabulous view of the rainforest. There is a library that specializes in the subject of natural history and investigation. The restaurant serves delicious traditional home made dishes, natural drinks and coffee with a 180 degree view of the butterfly garden and the forest. There are also vegetarian dishes available. The tariff includes entry to the Private reserve, accommodation, three meals a day and use of the forest footpaths. Single 117 US$/ double 94 US$/ triple 89 US$, per person, per night, including transport from the International Airport Juan Santamaría.

Los Lagos Restaurant Ph (506) 2761-1909. Trout fishing 1 kilo per 4 US$, traditional food 0.60 US$/ 2.75 US$, sale of cheese per kilo 2.15 US$ and cream per bottle 1.15 US$.

Cabinas & Restaurant Nene Ph (506) 2761-1933, Ph (506) 454-1407, Cellular (506) 8375-1816, fax (506) 2761-1932. Open fire cooking, cabins for 2 people 40 US$, footpaths run along the Rió Toro 1.5 Km, horseback trips, camping, a small ranch for picnics,  trout fishing in spring water, looked after by owner Freddy and his family.

Rancho Típico Restaurant and Cabins, is a women’s community association, offering typical Costa Rican food and accommodation.

Tourist Center Toro Amarillo, trout fishing, chicharrones, cabins, trips on horseback and footpaths.

Tourist Center Villa Nelly, run by Roberto Pérez, trout fishing, restaurant serving traditional food and footpaths.

Tourist Center Cimarron, run by Enrique Quesada, trout fishing, restaurant serving traditional food, footpaths and cabins.

Tourist Center Los Alpizar, trout fishing, restaurant and footpaths.