Volcano Barva

To access the park it is better to enter via San José de la Montaña. In route, there are footpaths that take you to the summit of the volcano; the journey there and back would take around 5 or 6 hours. One of the footpaths is close to 9 Km from Paso Llano  (Porrosatí), and goes down to Sacramento, almost everyone leaves from Sacramento, which is 5 Km from Paso Llano. Nearby there is a forest post. Sometimes the forest rangers offer guided excursions of 4 Km to the highest point of the mountain. The footpath that goes up to Sacramento to the summit of Barva is well signposted. The footpaths that go to the north of the volcano go into the plains and are more difficult to find as are the signposts. It is possible to walk along some paths that are immersed in exuberant vegetation, that cross the park up to La Selva, close to Puerto Viejo de Sarapiquí; the excursion lasts four days. It is an adventure for experienced trekkers, with knowledge in map and compass reading. Barva has one of the best view points to see quetzals. There are several lakes close to the summit; the largest being the Danta, the Barva and the Copey, with diameters of 500, 70 and 40 meters. Camping is permitted although there are no facilities. The forest rangers have built platforms where you can pitch tents: one close to the crater and the other close to the Barva Lake. Temperatures can drop to several degrees below zero.