The Church the ruins

It is the largest tourist attraction in the city. In 1920 an earthquake destroyed nearly all of it; it is located on the corner of 2nd Street. The church was not restored and because of this you can only visit Las Ruinas, (the ruins), as it is known. Its walls are surrounded by a beautiful garden and it is the most important point of reference in the center of Cartago. La Basilica de Nuestra Señora de los Ángeles, on 2nd Street, on the corner with 16th Street, in the western area of the city center. It is the most famous temple of the Central Plateau and perhaps Costa Rica. It was destroyed in the 1926 earthquake and was re-built in a neo-Byzantine style. It is large and has beautiful stained glass windows. On the 2nd of August one of the most important events in Costa Rica takes place here: The yearly pilgrimage of La Negrita, parishioners enter the church on their knees as a sign of faith, pity and humility. There is a legend that on the 2nd of August 1635 a statue of the Virgin Mary was found there, and after villagers changed its location it miraculously reappeared in the place where it was originally found. In its honor they built a temple, nowadays the image known as “La Negrita” is the patron of Costa Rica and has been attributed with special healing powers, Every year, coinciding with the date of its discovery, believers from all over Central America attend the Basilica. Inside the church there is a chapel that is dedicated to her, where you can find offerings in thanks for miracles. The rock where La Negrita is supposed to have appeared is located in a small room.