Tapanty National Park

Tapanty National Park

The Tapantí Macizo de la Muerte National Park (PNTMM) has an area of 58,495 ha . http://www.sinac.go.cr/EN-US/Pages/default.aspx

The sector corresponding to the PNTMM is characterized as one of the rainiest places in Costa Rica, with an average annual rainfall of over 6,500 mm, and even up to 8,000 mm (0,315 inches) per year. It contemplates heights between 700 and 3491 meters above sea level and protects a great variety of ecosystems such as moorlands, peat bogs, swamps, unforested savannahs, jungle forests and cloud forests, the latter basically consisting of tall oak groves.

It has five different life zones: very humid premontane forest, premontane pluvial forest, low montane rain forest, montane forest and subalpine rain moorland.

The topography combined with high rainfall on the site facilitates the presence of more than 150 rivers, providing goods and services for the Costa Rican society (regulation of climate and microclimates, associated flora and fauna, water supply, food, tourism and hydroelectric power). The Reventazón and Pacuare rivers are born in the high areas of this national park. From the Reventazón River basin, the water resource is used for human consumption in the Greater Metropolitan Area, supplying approximately half a million inhabitants. Likewise, within this basin, the Costa Rican Electricity Institute has 4 hydroelectric plants, showing the strategic importance of the park resources for the development of the country.

The Bride and Groom Waterfall

This waterfalls is Located in the outskirts of cerro Picacho and it can be seen from the route that leads to the Valle de Ujarrás an from the lookout point Located at the Costa Rican Tourism Institute in Ujarrás.