Located 8 kilometers from the center of San Rafael de Heredia on a totally paved access road, possessing spectacular vegetation and with a wide view of the central valley. Ideal for family activities and special groups, has many of the facilities of a private club; but with entrance fees available to everyone. Among its attractions we can mention: Panoramic View of the Central Valley, Privileged Climate (Humid Tropical Forest), Children’s Games and Multipurpose Court, Trails and Forest Areas, Volcanic Lagoon, Ranches for Activities. The current schedule of the Whereabouts is from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm every day of the week and holidays; The direct telephone number for any additional information is 2267-6401.  Double Ranches; Equipped with barbecue grill, drinking water and table with benches to serve meals; They have space for a maximum of 12 people per ranch. Specials for family activities. These are not separated in advance and are subject to the availability of the day. Main ranches; Fully equipped, with grill for grilling, electric current, potable water, sanitary services and space for a total of 80 people; 50 of these, comfortably seated. Ideal for your parties and special activities of the company or family, both beginning, mid or end of the year. To rent it, please do it in advance to the phone indicated above. Soccer field;  Located in a strategic sector, away from the ranches to avoid the blows in the people who are located there; the court has the standard dimensions for the practice of this sport. It is currently in a phase of removal where the permanent demarcation of the land, the placement of networks and the reinforcement of the frames are planned.

San José de la Montaña Route

The buses to Llano and Sacramento leave from Heredia everyday 6:30 a.m, 11:00 a.m and 4:00 p.m. returning at 5:00 p.m you will need to ask the driver to stop on the way to the Barva Volcano. It is easier to get to Sacramento by car during the rainy season. You will need a 4×4 vehicle. It is 13 km from San José de la Montaña to the park entrance.

La Palma  Route

In San Juan de Tibas, to the north of San José, you can take the route towards Bajo Honduras, which goes by Guayabal, Parasito, San Jeronimo and Alto Palma. During the middle of the XIX century this was the busiest route for oxcarts that were heading towards Puerto Limón; at present it runs alongside the main highway and is signposted as highway 220. It is asphalt until a few kilometers before you arrive at Alto Palma where it becomes a dirt road to Bajo Honduras, the closest village to the park entrance.