It is a bustling city. Its streets and parks are always full of people. Along the street where the train departs there are fruit and vegetable stalls. Turrialba is famous for its water rafting and parachuting because of its strong currents. It is ideal for all of those that practice this sport. Several kilometres from Turrialba is the CATIE post (Centro Agronómico Tropical de Investigación y Enseñanza) Tel (506) 2558-2000. It is a plantation for the investigation of tropical agricultural, it has an extension of 800 hectares, a group of scientists have experimented with the introduction of over 5000 varieties of 335 classes of crops with great economical potential. More than 2.500 varieties of coffee, 450 of cocoas well as a variety of bananas and pejibaye integrate the CATIE seed bank. In this center they also look for solutions to serious deforestation problems that affect the Central American continent. The guides show groups of visitors the processes and care required to cultivate a crop of palm, coffee, cocoa and orchids.