22 Km from San José, 12 Km from Heredia and 37 Km from the peak of the Poás Volcano. A pleasant city that is famous for its good climate, it is located more to the west, it is protected from the rain from the Atlantic and is 200m below the level of San José, and the weather is a little warmer; it stay at between 20 º C and 24 º C all year round. This is why they say that Alajuela is the best place for the elderly. The extreme kindness and good humor of the inhabitants is also one of the main characteristics of the city. The numbering of the streets in Alajuela is much the same as that in San Jose. There is a central avenue that goes from east to west and a main street that goes from north to south. To the north of Central Avenue, uneven avenues run parallel, to the south even numbered avenues run parallel. To the east of Central Street there are uneven streets and to the west even numbered streets. Framed by Central & 1st Avenues and Central and 2nd Street is the Central Park, the authentic heart of Alajuela, a real mango orchard where there are also some palm trees. One of the main past times of the cities residents is sit in the park and people watch, giving nicknames to passersby.