Braulio Carrillo National Park

Tel (506) 2268-1038. Braulio Carrillo National Park is named in the honor of the third chief of state of the country and was created in 1978. When the San José highway to Guápiles was finished in 1987; they protected this area of 47.583 hectares. The virgin areas on both sides of the motorway are large enough to conserve a large and varied amount of species and animals. The landscape is formed by small villages and large coffee plantations; the highway allows you to see the undulating peaks or cliffs covered in abundant mountain rain forest. The buses that drive along this route rarely make stops before their final destination. The diversity of plants and animals that there is in Braulio Carrillo is partly due to the difference in altitudes, that range from 2.905 meters at the top of Barva Volcano to the lowest of 50 meters on the Caribbean plains, creating an abundant habitat. If you visit the park there is also the possibility of going up to the Barva volcano and get close to Cacho Negro Volcano at 2.150 meters, before going down to the plains where you can see the most famous birds of Costa Rica, the quetzal, the umbrella bird, the toucan, the trogon, the curassows, the eagle as well as others. The mammals that can be spotted in the area include jaguars, pumas, ocelots, as well as tapirs.