Where to Sleep & Eat Quepos?

Where to Sleep & Eat Quepos?

Hotels Kamuk & Casino Best Western Ph + (506) 2777-0811, Ph + (506) 2777-0258. E-mail: info@kamuk.co.cr / www.kamuk.co.cr. Standard/ superior 65/ 94 US$, breakfast included. There are 35 rooms with air conditioning, private bathroom with hot water, Cable TV and balconies. The Mira Olas restaurant, opens for breakfast 06:00 a.m to 10:00 a.m everyday, 10% discount for dinner for guests from Monday to Saturday. There are casino facilities for those that enjoy the game and an outside swimming pool. Organizing guided visits to the park, horseback tours, sports fishing, sailing, scuba diving, jet skiing, river rafting and canopy.

Hotel Sirena Ph + (506) 2777-0528, fax (506) 777-0165.Double with breakfast 65 US$. With a private bathroom with hot water, fan and air conditioning. There is a restaurant and swimming pool. Organizing horseback excursions and fishing trips.

Hotel Mar y Luna Ph + (506) 2777-0394. Located next to the Banco Nacional. Single 8 US$, double 15 US$, 17 US$, private bathroom with hot water, triple 21 US$.

Hotel Melissa Ph + (506) 2777-0025. Located opposite the Ramus liquor store. Rooms 10 US$ per person. There are single/ double, triple/ quadruple, rooms with fans and a private bathroom. There is also a terrace.

Hotel Malinche Ph + (506) 2777-0093.Located 75 meters west of the bus terminal. Single/double with bathroom and fan 10/ 25 US$, double with air conditioning, private bathroom with hot water and television 50 US$. There is also parking.

Hotel El Pueblo Ph + (506) 2777-1003. Located at the side of the market. Double without/ with air conditioning 25/ 40 US$. There is a private bathroom, fan, air conditioning and television. The bar restaurant, is on the ground floor and is open 24 hours.

Hotel El Parque Ph + (506) 2777-0063.Located in the center, opposite the Quepos Phamracy. Single/ double/ triple 7/ 13/ 16 US$. There are 11 rooms with a bathroom, and a fan.

Cabinas Helen Ph + (506) 2777-0504.Located in the center. Rooms doubles/ triples/ quadruple 20/ 25/ 30 US$, with private bathroom, fridge, and fan, with a capacity for three people.

Hotel Ceciliano Ph + (506) 2777-0192. Located opposite the school. Rooms with a shared bathroom for 1 or 2 people 14 US$, 3 people 40 US$, private bathroom with hot water, fan and air conditioning, for 4 people 52 US$.

Hotel Quepos Ph + (506) 2777-0274. Located next to the Ranch Grande Plaza. Single shared bathroom 11 US$/ double 13 US$ with private bathroom, double bed and single. There is also parking.

Cabinas Doña Alicia Ph + (506) 2777-0419.Located next to the post office, opposite the sports plaza. Double with bathroom 9 US$, double bed 15 US$ two beds.  Rooms with fan, 2 people 6.5 US$, there are four large rooms for 3 or 4 people for 13.5 US$. The rooms have a private bathroom with a fridge.

Hospedaje La Macha Ph + (506) 2777-0216. Rooms without bathroom 10 US$ per person, double with bathroom 20 US$, with a fan.

Cabinas Mary Ph + (506) 2777-0128. Located on the south side of the Rancho Grande Plaza Double 8 US$ per person. Rooms with private bathroom and a fan. Private parking.

Café Milagro Ph + (506) 2777-1707. www.cafemilagro.com. Open from 07:00 a.m to 10:00 p.m everyday. Located after the bridge at the entrance of Quepos, 25 mts on the left hand side. Its coffee has been exported to the USA, serving coffee to the public and it has its own factory, they sell decaffeinated coffee for ½ / ¼ kilo for 4.20/ 7.75 US$ and black roasted clear ¼ / ½ kilo for 3.32/ 6.15 US$. With magnificent cappuchinos, sweets and expresso coffee.

Gran Escape Ph + (506) 2777-0395. Center of Quepos. Main meals 6/ 12 US$. Open from 06:00 a.m to 11:00 p.m, everyday. It is very popular among visitors and fishing enthusiasts. Serving a variety of meals, snacks, fish, ceviche, chips, fizzy drinks and beer.

Dos Locos Ph + (506) 2777. Main meals 4/ 14 US$. Open from 07:00 a.m to 11:00 p.m from Monday to Saturday and Sunday from 11:00 a.m to 10:00 p.m. Mexican food and live music.

Escalofrío Ph + (506) 2777. Icecream 2 US$, meals 4/ 8 US$. Open from 02:00 p.m. Serving good icecreams, with 20 flavors. Also serving espresso coffee, cappuccino, spaghetti and Italian food.

Marisquería Juilbert’s. Main dishes 5/ 13 US$. Located 1 km to the north of the city, serving a variety of seafood.



Gran Escape Ph + (506) 2777-0395. It is a place to exchange ideas and fishing stories.

El Banco Bar Ph + (506) 2777-0478.There is a good selection of music, satellite TV with sports channels.

Bar Wacky Wanda’s Ph + (506) 2777-2574. With air conditioning, serving meals and it is very popular with fishermen.

Hotel Kamuk & Casino Best Western Ph + (506) 2777-0811, fax (506) 777-0258.E-mail: info@kamuk.co.cr . www.kamuk.co.cr. It has a casino.