Some 2km to the south of the Carara Forest Ranger Post there is a turn off to Tárcoles on the right heading to the west, the turnoff to the hotel Villa Lapas is to the left.  To get to Tárcoles, you need to take a right turn and drive a further 1 km, and to return you need to go back the same way at the T junction that takes you to the village, that has cabins and a beach. To get to the marshy land of the Río Tárcoles, you will need to travel a further 3km passing by the village, it is a first class area to watch coastal birds, especially at low tide.

Circuits to see Crocodiles

In the area of the Rio Tárcoles there are some signposts that advertise crocodilke tours, on boats you can get close to these animals and watch as the guides feed them.

Cocodrilo Man Tour Ph + (506) 2637-0771, (506) 2637-0426, Cellular (506) 8822-9042. E-mail: cocodrilemantour@hotmail.com / http://www.crocodilemantour.com/. Located in the center of Tarcoles, the first yellow coloured office.The owner Diego Vargas has more than ten years experience in motor boat tours, the there boats are very safe, with comfortable seat and a roof with a capacity for 20, 25, 35 people, the tour lasts 2 hours at a price of 25 US$ per person, children younger than 4 can go for free. The tour includes a bottle of water.  The tour goes along the Rió Grande de Tarcoles, a home for red parrots and crocodiles, billiguanl Spanish, English and French guides. The main attraction on this tour is the “show of the crocodile man”, that shows a man getting a 4 to 5 mts crocodile out of the water and feeding it. This is the heaviest populated area in the world; every km there are 25 crocodiles.

The waterfall

Located 5 km past the hotel Villa Lapas, entry 15 US$; open from 08:00 a.m to 03:00 p.m. It has a height of  200 meters, you need to take a 45 minute walk down steep footpath, and to get out you need to take an uphill walk of about 90 minutes. The approximate time take to carry out this tour is about 90 minutes and you will be able to see poisonour red and green arrow frogs, birds from the area, and viewpoints. The footpath and the waterfall are located in a virgin rainforest.  At the foot of the waterfall, the river crosses several natural pools where you can bathe.